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  1. Game kNight

    Ok Juves, what house are you hoping for?

    Van Saar, Cult and Corpse Grinders!
  2. Game kNight

    Necromunda: Gang Skirmish!

    Well well well
  3. Game kNight

    Rat Ogre Poll

    No, but make it worthwhile to get, make it able to equip armor/weapons, like the Ogre - think that would solve it. Having ai units is fine when it is zombies, dogs or rats, but the Rat Ogre i want to be able to control!
  4. Game kNight

    Coming Soon...

    Well this is a lovely surprise! I will have to let everyone know!
  5. Game kNight


    So happy to see the release! I can't wait to bash Morjax and the other guys warbands in game :)
  6. Game kNight

    Big Guys!

    That would be pretty dang awesome :D
  7. Game kNight


    There is a skill that allows for a warrior to retaliate when charged for instance - so it is based more around the passive abilities and how you build the character there. I actually prefer this way for the mobile version as you can't just setup an overwatch/ambush trap as usual - instead you...
  8. Game kNight

    Favorite Warbands

    Lizardmen! Never got to play them as they came out after I ended my work with Games Workshop - but the little fellas are my favorites thru and thru!
  9. Game kNight

    Introduce yourself

    So great to see the buddies showing up to support this game! :)
  10. Game kNight

    Trying out Mobile Mordheim on my Phone :D

    Trying out Mobile Mordheim on my Phone :D
  11. Game kNight

    Represent your favourite Warband!

    Great stuff! :) Reikland FTW!
  12. Game kNight

    Rules and how to become a Tester!

    My bet is that they too will be going for the main warbands first: Mercenaries, Skaven, Cult of the Possessed, Sisters of Sigmar, Undead and Witch Hunters.
  13. Game kNight

    Rules and how to become a Tester!

    I can't wait to see how you guys accomplish this! - First!
  14. Game kNight

    Introduce yourself

    Hello buddies, What a great announcement from Legendary Games - it warms my heart to see Mordheim getting so much attention. I feel that it would be nice with a thread where people could introduce themselves and maybe communicate their motivation for wanting to join the testing phase. I'll...