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  1. edward

    Opening Story - dialogue skips

    Slightly off topic but how's performance on your iPad pro? My iPad 6th gen goes to around 7 fps average on 100 res, but it runs mordheim smoothly. Compared to android devices iOS so far seems to lack optimisation.
  2. edward

    Suppression Las Description

    Looks like it triggers from buying equipment, I buy a strip kit or filter plugs or telesight and things go blank in the UI after. Every time I check. I'm on android.
  3. edward

    Suppression Las Description

    Lots of item description placeholders. I'm more worried by items disappearing along with Gangers from ui until restarting game after buying equipment
  4. edward

    Visual Bugs

    Worst visual issues is where after purchasing an item from black market or market, you can't see anyone or anything in inventory or squad management til restarting game. That's a major bug.
  5. edward

    House Goliath!

    Dude they look great. Nice colour scheme. Magnetised is brilliant also, I've never thought of that.
  6. edward

    Ok Juves, what house are you hoping for?

    Ok time to load up Mordheim, that helmet looks badass!
  7. edward

    Necromunda: Gang Skirmish!

    With free favour you can theoretically max every stat and have the best available gear on the best Gangers you can hire. But for a challenge and to experience the fundamental gameplay I'd suggest holding off on heavy favour purchases. Then again gang rating scales with ganger skills and gear so...
  8. edward

    Visual Bugs

    Visual bug ingame, clone of gun hovering above ganger. Seems to be just Van Saar ganger equipped with Laz carbine this happens with, I've seen it multiple matches.
  9. edward

    Represent your Gangers!

    I rush Nerves of Steel on my Goliaths to mitigate the disadvantage, but grinding up 30xp in the early game is a trudge. Once they get that, they are a powerhouse. I think they are balanced for lategame.
  10. edward

    Beta Update 6

    Graphics tweaks look good, moody lighting and is that newbump texture on the tiles tesselation? Just had a pvp as well, noticed guns were hovering above the other players gangers, minor visual bug. Lots of good changes!
  11. edward

    Gang Questions

    Are recruits from the Bar able to have skills randomly unlocked or just different stat allocations?
  12. edward

    How do I get the beta?

    Welcome to the Underspire!
  13. edward

    Combat Mechanics question(s)

    Not knowing how half cover or standing cover works makes it hard to know whether to rush or overwatch in some situations. 2 attacks for holding a 1 handed ranged weapon is quite strong.. holding two melee weapons doesn't give 2 attacks. A slew of other minor things that would be nice to know...
  14. edward

    PvP Tests

    Interesting, good to know. Is the 'Scragging Fest*' a cue that you are entering a 3-way pvp battle? Edit: Also, Will the size of our assigned gangers to the cycle task count for matching into pvp? for example can my Hab runner chance into pvp vs 3 other gangers etc.
  15. edward

    Combat Mechanics question(s)

    So I see a lot of the combat crunch is heavily reminiscent of Mordheim: Warband Skirmish. On the Mordheim forums, I see there have been posts about the exact detail of to-hit and damage roll calculations and I was wondering are they similar to the formula found in Necromunda here? I know a lot...
  16. edward

    House Goliath!

    Oh this is great! I'd love to see more of these comparisons. Also House Goliath FTW!
  17. edward

    Playtester Feedback/Beta thoughts so far

    After playing quite a bit more and progressing my (no favour spent) gang of Goliaths to 3000 rep, I'm finding a few elements have changed for the better as far as game balance and economy. Bad Zones and Slag Mining can can provide a great cash injection after being unlocked, and cash can buy xp...
  18. edward

    Krackin' heads under the Spyre

    Krackin' heads under the Spyre
  19. edward


    Time between actions may be a result of the AI camping/not moving if your units aren't visible or easy to path to/navigate to. Often the AI will sit and do nothing or 'patrol' back and forth if I don't move my units out of deep cover or within their range of sight. As for time between turns...
  20. edward

    Playtester Feedback/Beta thoughts so far

    Hello Legendary Crew, What a fantastic suprise I find you have been working on a Necromunda adaptation for mobile devices, and beta opening on my birthday of all days. Absolutely chuffed. I have a special place in my heart for Necromunda, I'd devour every article in White Dwarf about the game...