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  1. Erkebrand

    Less chance of injury... really?

    Don't forget this, they are half Viking, so going to Valhalla was a best choice than living with the shame of being defeated in combat ;)
  2. Erkebrand

    Very bald idea

    I know, I know, but I refer just to skaven bands, each warrior can get a giant rat as pet (actually useless) and a skaven Warband can get 8 warriors+ 8 pets this way + summoned giant rats. They are AI controlled so they will go against the closest objective, and being fearsome is not so terrible...
  3. Erkebrand

    Very bald idea

    I like the idea, but what about giant rats spam? Sometimes you get surrounded by skaven swarms, if there is a limit of WS penalty like 10-15 sounds nice, but imagine this. You get surrounded by 8 rats, that's -40ws and would make them really hard to kill since you need to spend 8 attacks to...
  4. Erkebrand

    Beginner's Guide

    And to the forum, people could find many interesting stuff here
  5. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    Rating needs to be fixed. The entire thread of 4 pages has diluted the main idea by speaking of OP combos, instead of speaking how this could be done, the skills need a rating increase or the ones needing a decrease. The thread started well with some kind of new rating suggestion witch may work...
  6. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    Flaming sword is designed for warlocks with their low WS, they don't have unstoppable charge option, and they need this spell to be useful. About unstoppable charge I'm agree, should be just for attacking, not for defense
  7. Erkebrand

    Rating formula

    Hey buddy, I just come here to speak about solos :-P
  8. Erkebrand

    Tests, cheese, exploits and others.

    This also works for being able to know how much a skill will rise your rating.
  9. Erkebrand

    Support - Critical Hit explained

    Nice to know this again, Prabdeep said the same not much time ago as shangular says, but if melee and ranged critical chance are shown apart we won't have this kind of confusions
  10. Erkebrand

    New Slayer Skills!

    I'll modify this a bit, instead of losing 0-3 wounds would prefer some other kind of penalty, like strength , critical chance or WS penalty. This way you should use it just for getting into combat and not every turn. Anyway, it's a need, and many times asked by the community, but the suggestion...
  11. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    Balance is not about solos guys, who cares if somebody wants to pay solo? The main thing is to make each skill cost the right rating for what it does, in early game and late game, actually works for late, not for early, so new people jumps out of the boat, balance should work on any level. The...
  12. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    Ignoring alpha strike, skipping turn is very useful many times, I'm in disagree on removing it. There should be somewhere a user manual with the info needed for those players who don't want to visit this forum, or just don't speak English. If both teams delay, the only problem is the time spent...
  13. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    Rating needs some fixing, and I'm agree on some of your suggestions, disagree on others, this work may be easier if all of us say what has to be modified, cause many thing needs some rating modifications. In general the actual system is not so bad, but there are some things needed to be updated...
  14. Erkebrand

    Why poor vision for dwarves?

    You are all wrong, it's cause they're too greedy and are looking for shards, or trying to find gold coins on the floor, is something innate on them. They are blind for anything else. Jokes away, there should be a minimum range of sight for anyone (not affected by initiative), and dwarfs should...
  15. Erkebrand

    Dwarf Infiltate

    Nope, you are right, actually it's a bit useless, and you need to be carrying a two handed weapon with no interesting stats on it. Do it have uses? Yes you can move before the enemy, but with their low movement is not much, you can try to get into cover with that first movement, but you are...
  16. Erkebrand

    Dwarf Infiltate

    Nope, if you have a pickeaxe equipped and the Miner skill unlocked they get a free turn before your opponent makes his first turn (You'll move on turn 0).
  17. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    The tutorial needs a bit more explanations maybe we should create a thread on what to add there, for if devs want to include something more. About this forum and discord, I have been for long playing and ignoring them, and they are a source of good tips and info. There should be a pop up or a...
  18. Erkebrand

    Rating needs to be fixed, like, yesterday

    This was necessary long time ago, maybe with the help of many veteran players we could get something balanced taking everything in consideration, and with the approval of the community, and we will miss on many things to solve later. If we could be able to see how the rating affects it could be...
  19. Erkebrand

    Solving the problems of mobility

    I don't think every band should have something like infiltration, or making them move more, but for dwarfs there is a need due to their low movement. The pickeaxe option should be buffed, I'm agree with shangular on that way. They should have some kind of super eagle eyes for finding stuff in...
  20. Erkebrand

    PVP Threshhold Suggestion

    This will make easier to play with higher ratings bands. Nice idea