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  1. studer1972

    Can we expect to get these, by any chance?

    Real helmets for witch hunters! Aye! Chaos Pink and Slaanesh Purple added to available customization colors! Aye!
  2. studer1972

    Questions and quibbles

    agreed, but I don't want any M penalty. The Vampire is the olny fast moving unit in an Undead warband, except an otherwise useless Warlock Hired Sword.
  3. studer1972

    Questions and quibbles

    Vampires already have enough I, I would rather lose that thn M or D.
  4. studer1972

    Rating formula

    What Cyberaddict said, with sugar on it.
  5. studer1972

    Questions and quibbles

    Why is it stupid to ask if Vampires can wear a skull cuirass? Cyberaddict: I was doing calculations and figured out I could get better Def out of a Skull Cuirass and Votive Shield than out of Gromril armor alone. The Vampire will do less damage with a single handed weapon, but I like high Def. I...
  6. studer1972

    Questions and quibbles

    10. Can Vampires wear a Skull Cuirass? 11. Do Lucky Charms and herbs stack? (If a character has 4 lucky charms equipped, do they ignore more than the 1st wound? If a character takes Crimson Shade, Dark Venom, Mandrake Root, or Black Lotus more than once in a battle is there any effect from the...
  7. studer1972

    Which Warband do you consider is the best?

    Reiklanders are the shootiest, better at melee than the toffs of Marienberg. Once you have 8 shooters, all with multiple shots using long rifles, ignoring cover, and able to move, shoot, and speed load...we hates them, nasssty Reiklanders.
  8. studer1972

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    On further experience and reflection, them scrawny gits are pretty deadly with their rerolls.
  9. studer1972

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    Elf rangers die as easily as Ogres vs my Vampire SuperCorpse (formerly the Revenant Horton Hate). They haven't seemed OP either on my squad or against it. Now, a full warband of shooters armed with missile weapons will ruin anyone's day if the mission is a take and hold ground mission. Any kind...
  10. studer1972

    Revenue Generating Suggestions

    5.I will like to have a bigger tavern. With 6-8 guys instead of 4 (unlocked with fate?) Bing! bing-bing-bing! So much yes.
  11. studer1972

    9th faction: Dwarf Treasure Seekers

    Can Dwarves get better armor than Dwarven Chainmail or Dwarven Brigantine? I have yet to see any other options. Helmet and shield availability has been limited so far, too. Tough as nails, but vulnerable to shooters and ambushes with their low Move and I,
  12. studer1972

    9th faction: Dwarf Treasure Seekers

    The first edition warhammer fantasy rpg had dwarven tunnel runners with enhanced movement.
  13. studer1972

    Elf Rangers for Hire!

    What's the official stat line for our new pointy eared chums? My hire came with W 5 (3-5?), M 5, A 1, WS 43, BS 51, S 29, D 0 (plus free ithilmar), I 61, Ld 72 and a free elf bow This makes them better than tabletop, since their I, BS, and Ld should be same as halflings, but are all better...
  14. studer1972

    Elven cloak appears to not work

    To quote Larry Leadhead "Good strategist, lousy dice roller." :(
  15. studer1972

    Cult of the Possessed

    double like on armor for beastmen, or access to multiple levels of resilient, like the Vampire.
  16. studer1972

    Nice avatar :)

    Nice avatar :)
  17. studer1972

    Death all around

    aren't you spending those AP?
  18. studer1972

    Allow voluntary retreat from start of match

    My problem with PvP is it is so darn slow.
  19. studer1972

    Unkillable warrior priest?

    Agreed on both points. Much like the original HarnMaster, blunt is the King of damage. How do you get any performance from an all ghoul warband? Mine did OK until about rating 1000, but feels useless now. I prefer the way armor works in this version to the original. Metal armor really is nigh...
  20. studer1972


    5: random wandering monsters: beastmen, orcs, zombies, spiders, lesser daemons, or the juvenile monsters from the Monster Hunt scenario (Mordheim Annual 2002/Town Cryer #5). 6. Pit Fights (useful for building up individual warriors)