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    Live PvP Christmas Tournament!

    I see your application ;) Your spot is safe don't worry!
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    Live PvP Christmas Tournament!

    To celebrate the festivities we've decided to run a single elimination Tournament, that will be taking place tomorrow at 5 pm (GMT). If everything runs smoothly, we'll most definitely be running more Tournaments in the future with different rules and at a larger scale. Here are the rules: -...
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    Are Match-ups Fairer? (POLL - Cast your vote)

    Even so, it's still worth looking into! Your Warband ratings are quite high, but there are other players with very similar rankings out there. It could be a case of that players of higher ranking just aren't interested in trying out Live PvP, or like others have said, the threshold needs to be...
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    How can we tackle quitters?

    Live PvP games take considerably longer to complete and because of this we want to ensure that both players participating are going to be fully committed to finishing a match. Unfortunately for some of you, it appears that you've encountered a fair share of quitters very early on, which is...
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    Are Match-ups Fairer? (POLL - Cast your vote)

    Ah, now I can understand why this has yet to get any votes. If you're not being able to match up against any opponents then that isn't good... not one bit. Would it be possible for me to take all of your Warband names so that I can relay this back to the rest of the team?
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    skaven clan scree is a pos

    Really sorry to hear that NgNg. There may be something that we can do to restrict players from "Camping" in a specific area, especially the deployment area which is obviously quite problematic. I'll be creating a thread tomorrow in response to all of this, in which I'll be addressing some of...
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    Are Match-ups Fairer? (POLL - Cast your vote)

    Thanks for the questions, Watley. There was no system in place before, meaning that you could match against any player, no matter the difference in Warband rating. The change in the system means that both players will have an equal opportunity, not just one player having a significantly higher...
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    Are Match-ups Fairer? (POLL - Cast your vote)

    Hey folks! We've been paying close attention to what the community has had to say about the recent release of Live PvP. It appears that some of you have unfortunately had an unpleasant experience, particularly with matching against far superior opponents. As you know we take community...
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    Question about fearless

    All alone tests are not the same as Fear tests! If your unit is immune to fear and they come across a fear causing unit, they won't run away in fear, whereas a unit without the immunity is likely to run away scared for their life. So to answer your question, fearless does not effect All...
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    YouTube Corner

    PVP v Overwatch (THAT'S ME!) (S3E03 - PvP Beta Testing):
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    Warband rating matching

    Morjax is correct! We match you against other player created Warbands based on your Warband rating. We try to get a fair match-up where possible and if you come up against someone with a higher Warband rating you'll receive an underdog bonus, and the likelihood of your units being injured/dying...
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    Not good. But we can't do much investigating without a name unfortunately :( If you happen to come across this Warband again, or any you feel are suspicious, please do let us know what their names are! Thanks.
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    So much spam in the forum

    Lucille is a pretty fitting name, to be honest... I'm not sure how Negan would feel about me stealing it though
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    So much spam in the forum

    Yes, unfortunately, the spambots have been strong these last couple of weeks. What has triggered this influx of spam we're unsure of, but what we're working on is different methods we can use to prevent this from happening. The ban hammer will prevail, and we will knock every last one of these...
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    Mordheim Revealed! (New Update Available)

    We have a new update for you all! Read the notes below to find out what's in this weeks update. Keep an eye on the store and make sure you download the latest version as soon as it becomes available on your device. From Rat Catcher Alley to Executioners Square, see the ruined city in full...
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    2501 shards!

    Very awesome indeed Watley, congrats!! Stomping with a 300+ Wyrdstone shard lead...
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    Bug game froze when my entire warband got wiped out

    Thank you. I will raise this up to Adam now, hopefully, we have enough information here to investigate this further. In the meantime feel free to post more findings in this thread if it happens again, and also try to take some screenshots/video recordings! That's very useful to us.
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    Testers wanted - PVP first look

    Dropped you a message, William.
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    Whip and thing catcher

    Hey, Watley, The Whip and Thing Catcher can be upgraded, you should notice that the Reach of this weapon is 2(3). The figures in parenthesis show that you can upgrade your skills to improve your proficiency with the weapon. If you obtain the Weapon Master skill (shown by the Spear Icon in...
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    YouTube Corner

    Furry Flurry Skaven (S3E01 - PvP Beta Testing):