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    Games getting stuck

    I've had a few games recently get stuck including one that I'm pretty sure is stuck right now. The other night I had a wizard use flight to loop around several walls in the cemetery and he got stuck going around one of the corners in an endless loop where I eventually had to quit the game...
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    Survival do since update

    since the update on Thursday I have been getting no survival xp with any of my warbands regardless of scenario. I have 3 warbands at different ratings one of which is maybe 20 battles in.
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    War "dog"

    Finnaliy got a warhound and I'm assuming it's just a retexture of the giant rat because man is that an ugly rat dog.
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    Can't escape tutorial

    Starting a new warband and turned off tutorial then started a new file. Went into tutorial anyways so now I went through all that deleted the warband and now every time I exit and go back into options tutorial gets activated again
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    12+ attacks

    Just had a match where one warrior attacked me with at least 12 times in one turn probably more only ending when my guy as out of action. Started counting after it seemed like too many attacks and counted 8 more. Figured it was a big and closed out. Warband is the flaky biscuit boys if you're...
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    Opponent variation

    So for obvious reasons the vast majority of warbands are Rieklanders. Given this would it be possible to make it more likely to face different factions in some way? Maybe having a randomized with a 25% chance to face each faction and then picking a corresponding warbands? Would help greatly with...