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    New Release April 20th

    Am I missing something or is that still not in the beta?
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    Bug - don't work spells and abilities

    So they changed it a few updates back. When casting a spell you click the spell icon and then click it again to confirm
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    Two more undead questions

    Vampire hasn't been released yet. Probably tweaking it
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    Everyone has Dreg Backpacks

    Yeah both the heavy and regular cuirass
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    Undead Will be Released Today

    When are the vampires going to be available?
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    Do either Unarmed Master or Weapon Master Benefit a Dual Wielding Pistolier?

    Is that confirmed? This is the first I've heard that question answered and always kinda wondered
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    Does 'Strongman' Work with 'Fighting Claws' or 'Weeping Blades'?

    Its an initiative penalty. Strongman negates the negative initiative value listed on the double handed weapon There is no initiative penalty for fighting claws or weeping blades so there would be no effect. For Skaven there are no double handed weapons in this sense (the wording is a carryover...
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    How can Rats use non-Skaven equipment???

    I support this! I have to imagine palace gardens gets needed soon but hopefully there exists a chance to still get good loot. it would be so cool to occasionally get loot specifically for another warband with a new special skill to be able to use it.
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    How can Rats use non-Skaven equipment???

    You can find that axe as a drop. Unfortunately it has the same stats as a cleaver.
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    How Does Frenzy Work?

    Two ways to get frenzy. 1 have a warrior taken out of battle and then get it as an injury result (this is totally randomized) 2 buy mad cap mushrooms, equip them to a character and use them in a match (only lasts one match)
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    "Players Choice" Updates

    Not to sound ungrateful but is it too much on these corpses? I've had a few matches in the palace gardens and I'm getting 5+ items including fullplate and ithilmar. Seems like more than it should be. Love getting consumables tho because I never buy them as i save up for the next suit of armor
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    Rules and how to become a Tester!

    Done. thank you
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    Games getting stuck

    I've had a few games recently get stuck including one that I'm pretty sure is stuck right now. The other night I had a wizard use flight to loop around several walls in the cemetery and he got stuck going around one of the corners in an endless loop where I eventually had to quit the game...
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    Rules and how to become a Tester!

    Hey id love to become a tester. I play at least a few rounds a night and id love to give some earoy feedback on the undead
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    Skaven skills

    It's probably not twice in one turn. If a unit with the highest initiative skips it's turn this delays their actions until the end of the round. They then have the option to go first in the following round. Effectively giving them two turns back to back. It is most noticible with skaven as they...
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    Mordheim Latest Live Release! (Auto Save & Better Opponent Info)

    So this autosave is for all matches not just pvp?
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    Testers wanted - PVP first look

    I'd love to test. Have an Android phone
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    8 Fate for Rat Ogres? You are Joking, Right?

    Yeah...thats not great I get that it probably took a lot of work but I never even liked the idea of rat ogres in tabletop
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    My Five Star Game Review!!!

    I scolded my wife so many times for spending money on those stupid free games... But my captain died! And skaven! And I need that 8th slot filled! Worth it