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    Can't pick up items

    I seem to be encountering a bug where i can pick up wrydstone or other items on the ground when i move over them or stop on them - is this a known issue?
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    Support - Critical Hit explained

    Does this mean Strike to Injure can increase crit chance with spells? Are there other ways to boost spell cirt?
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    Bug - Warpfire

    I believe Warpfire behaves like a missile attack, meaning it also requires line of sight. Where as Gnawdoom and most other offensive spells can hit targets behind walls or at higher elevations. But i'm not sure if this is intended.
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    Couple of Suggestions

    I agree, black powder weapons are too powerful at the moment. They can crit/stun, cause to flee, have high damage, range and armour pen. Their main downside of only being fired once every other turn and not moving and shooting in the same turn can be overcome with skills. They are also able to...
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    Support: lost fate

    Thanks Amman! It could of been down to storage space though i had a few hundred MB left at the time i believe. I play on a Galaxy Tab S2, it was a skaven warband called Ratmen, i believe it happened on the 3rd, last week.
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    Support: lost fate

    I'm not sure if there's a system for support tickets, there's no support option in game so i'm posting here. The game is amazing but i lost some fate points to a bug - i bought a hero with fate that i'd spent real world cash on. I closed the game, the next time i loaded up the warband this...