340003 shards? How is that possible?

I just checked the shard tables, noticed I've been bumped to second place by someone called times with 340003 shard, someone who wasn't even on the table before now. Is it even possible that someone could gather that many? There's been no noticeable update on my end, so I can only assume that there has been some change to the settings on Legendarys end. Is that number the sum total of all shards collected by all players? Is it a glitch? Or has someone magically acquired an entire comets worth of wyrd in one night?

I'm having a gripe about this, because I've been grinding hard for my 2202 shard count, and it does seem rather odd.
He's still there, changed it to 2500 ish. To the best of my knowledge I have never seen that name before. If it's a player, he should be permadeathed.


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If you message one of the dev team with the warband name of the suspected hacker and the number of wyrdstone, I'm cure they can continue to banhammer them as needed :)