A cute little buglist

Padré Luke

Bugs related to doors:

  • If there's a 2 tiles wide door and I have one of my team members run along the door (parallel to the wall), he just bumps open the door next to him along the way, thus blowing the cover it would have provided and creating some VERY nasty and distastefully frustrating situations.
    (Sometimes seems to appear with single-tile doors also.)

    Ah. The second one is a feature for the AI, it seems.
  • I've been playing the game for about a week and I've already suffered 3 strokes and developed a brain tumour the size of a basketball, only due to this.. and maybe the "extra AI APs" as well..
    If an AI controlled gangster opens a door, it becomes immune to overwatch. It just overrides all my team members' overwatch, as long as the fu- handsome lil' bugger doesn't advance 3 tiles towards them.. (3 tiles: 1 from behind the door, 1 through the door's tile, 1 more further the door's tile.)
    It runs in front of the door (1 AP) and opens the door (1 AP)?
    *BAM!* it shoots one of my gangsters in the face who is on overwatch, waiting behind the mentioned door to shoot anyone who dares to open it. (1 AP) (Even early game, house Orlock.. that's 3 APs.)

    It runs into the door's tile, my whole team of 6 behind the door, on overwatch, guns pointed at door?
    *BAM!* it shoots one of my gangsters in the face.
    (Or if the nearest one is directly in front of the door, then maybe it just smacks him in the jugular.)

    It runs through the door and stops in the next tile?
    You guessed it:
    *BAM!* One developing brain damage, both for the player's gangster and for the player as well.

Bugs related to Action Points:

Okay, well.. I'm not really that familiar with the tabletop game and it's rules, so there may be some error on my side, but I play house Orlock in the app, so I can tell there's no way I could have more than 2 Action Points at any given time. (At least with Orlocks.)
Despite this, the AI sometimes does some amazing acrobatics and whatnot.
  • The "3, sometimes even 4.." or in other words, the mentioned "extra APs" AP bug.

    This has happened many, many times (and in many, many variations) with all of the four houses as the opposing team.
    And yeah, I've been really paying attention since I've experienced it for the nth time, so that I couldn't be sceptical about my abilities/observations.

    So. Here's the typical thing:
    Enemy gangster starts the the turn/it's turn having the pinned status.
    It gets up. (1 AP)
    It starts running toward my team. (for 1 or 2 APs..)
    It either shoots one of my 'mates in the face or if they are in range, it smacks them. (1 AP)

    There are many variations to this.
    I've yet to face the programming error equivalent to full-blown A.I.D.S., the one known as the -theoretical at the moment-:
    " Fuc- Bugger was on the ground, face down, stunned, he was next in sequence, suddenly got better (1 AP), got up, (1 AP), ran towards ... (1/2 APs, with or without 1 or 2 levels of the Move skill) ...sooo.. oh, yeah! ..he ran up to my beautiful face, f'd it up with his chainsword (1 AP) THEN HE MADE IT DOUBLE! (1 AP).. and yeah,... I'm aware of the Fast Shot and Extra Attack skills, but.. maaan...!!"
    But I bet if I'll play the game a little longer, I will sooner or later.

    This theoretical scene is based on my many experiences with these obviously impossible moves/sequences of actions, variations of these elements/combinations with the awesome "overwatch-overriding-door-opening" bugs.

    Oh yeah:
    And there are times when my team members on overwatch do trigger, succesfully land a hit (or two) on "Mr. Flash" while they are in the middle of their 3-4-5 -theoretical 6-etc... - AP rampage, damage them, that damage forces them to go prone, ..it's still their turn.. somehow, they get up, (1 AP) continue running (more AP), arrive, shoot/stab/slash/etc, etc.. sometimes even 2 times (1/2 more AP).
    A little bit frustrating.

  • Action Point cost indicaton(s)
    If my gangster starts it's turn prone, has 2 APs, the UI indicates that it would cost me 2 APs to crawl n tiles far, but 1 AP to crawl just n/2 tiles, and I choose the latter, the silly little bugger forgets he has another action to take.. (hmm.. maybe get up, behind the cover he just crawled behind, so he's in a tactically more advantageous position at the start of the next turn...) ..well, he just finishes his turn.

Alright, I'm feeling a little lighter now that I've let some of this off my chest, I'm kinda spent, but there's more. About pathfinding, AI targetting mechanism F-ups, calculations, whatnot.
But that'll be another day's song. Maybe.

Anyways, I'd love to love this game, it IS awesome already, please, PLEASE, cherish it a little more and it will be as perfect and wonderful and amusing as the game's BGM!

Maybe some of these will be fixed in an upcoming update, and then I'll finally have to have a go at PvP, and maybe to rate it in the app store, etc, etc..
And remember: as you go about your circadian routine in the Underhive, no matter what, always check your stool for tapeworms! :eek: ;)

Adam Smith

Lead Software Developer
Staff member
Well. aside from the obvious issues you are experiencing with the game that has to be one of the most entertaining bug reports I've read :)

Thank you for outlining the issues with such detail, however could I ask for some more information? If you tell us here or in a DM the name of your Gang we can have a look at your recent matches, and analyse your opponents to help replicate any problems when implementing a fix.

Padré Luke

Oh, hey!

I didn't caught the notification about your reply 'til now, so during the intervening time -between your and this reply- I've already made some observarions about the 1.3.3 update at the discord server.
I guess that experience was caused by some balancing you guys did around charater stats. (Perhaps around the "Cool" skill.)
Oh, and thank you for your words of appreciation. :)

'Kay, so you're asking for more information, then some more information you'll have, just tell me if/when it's too much, sometimes I won't sense it by myself..

M'kay. So, to make everything completely clean:
I am the kinda guy who values privacy, and is in a negative cashflow position with no job at the moment, etc.. and one who has a severe and a kind of paralyzing depression and a masochistic/misanthropic attitude: hence the sometimes vitriolic outbursts, bitter and sarcastic -but mostly offensive- humor, dirty mouth and the time to lead his life astray even furher by kinda playtesting the beautiful -and for the time being- bugridden mess that is Necromunda: Gang Skirmish, with an almost fanatical devotion, right down to the point that his Underhive gang, despite being founded -I think- 12 days ago, were #1 on last week's weekly rep leaderboard and are at #154 with 22874 reputation points in/on/at total. */**

I'm telling all this, so in the future if anyone who's bitter loser attitude and/or false sense of moral high ground would make them say things like: "This guy has no life.", has all this information readily available, in black-and-white so they can feel better about themselves.
Good thinking Sherlock: anyone who is better than you at anything either has no life or they've already made it, they are set in life so they have the money and time to expand and explore the.. blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,.. yeah, you're the one with the right mindset, who leads a fruitful life full of purpose, afterall we all measure success -and everything- in material wealth, doesn't we?

Phew! It's hard when you see with more than your two eyes..
I'm also writin' all this sh so that I'm doing something, at least something other than playing games and trying not to think about stuff that made things this way, all the while I'm also entertaining myself -and hopefully others- by living out my deprived graphomania.
Pretty therapeutic, I'd say.

When I mentioned me valuing privacy I forgot to tell that I like to speak in rebuses, to cipher and obfuscate important bits and pieces of information, sometimes under multiple layers/dimensions of sarcasm, so it's no surprise that I keep hinting at, won't flat-out mention that my wonderful and ecletic collection of handsome individuals are called the > Scumhole Eucestodae <.
Well, at least not publicly.
Oh, w.. ! ..ah, nevermind.

Anyway, IF you're really interested in watching the most common AP related bug in action, you should look up my most recent matches against Zybots, (turn 5, opponent runs next to my team member, gets a burst in the stomach, get hurt+go prone, stands up, retaliates), and right after that the next match against Olivias Raiders, (turn 5, opponen.. the symptoms are the same.).


Oooookay, in spite of me feeding off writing, raging, analyzing everything and of my lacking sense of being too much, imma finish this post as I'm getting a little tired, but don't you even think that I don't already have a growing list of GUI glitches/errors, (glaring) model clippings, screenshots..**deep inhale** .. and whatnot.
Next time I won't spare you!

Also.. To anyone who suffers from any kind of mental anguish: Don't worry, it just gets worse! :D
Right until you hit rock bottom, but trust me, you're gonna bounce up!
And to everyone who has experiences with the game and it's bugs: Don't be shy, don't be lazy and/or complacent about errors, speak up, post, comment, share your experiences with the community! Find the time and be an active part of the community!

Thank you everybody, goodnight, have a nice weekend and of course: Don't forget to check for wurms!

So good luck with looking at my "recent" matches and finding the outrageous ones. Th'only clue I can give about those that those were mostly against Orlock. Mostly. One or two were Goliath and Escher.

** English is not my first -nor the last, heheh- language, so if something seems off about my syntax, or overtly inquisitive about my use/repeated use of words/wordplays, well, that's the reason. Besides me really being an inquisitive @sshole, of course!