a few bugs found, enhancement requests


since im new to game these may or may not be accurate or being worked on but here we go.

Rats: my rat assassin leader choose the strike to injure skill but the 10% crit chance not showing up on stats.
Rats: when i tried to get my 2 hand flail thing to work and show stats I have been unable to find any mastery to get it to work. I tried all 3 on different rats and none showed the enhanced stats it should give.This needs to be fixed as rats have no decent melee armor pen or armor reducing weapons. And cannot outnumber opponents.
Rats/Humans: For some reason at random times but I am sure it isn't random, my character gets unlimited attacks until everyone around him is dead. Also happened twice recently when computer controlled character was able to do that as well. he got about 14 attacks and it wasn't end of turn start of next turn which would allow for 5 x 2 attacks legally.
Human Pistolier: when robbed of 1 pistol, i had another in my inventory but I wasn't allowed to equip it. I had to buy a new one. I tried removing the 2nd one, restarting game and equipping the 2 again, but no luck. I had to buy a new one only.

Enhancement Requests
AI: needs to learn how to creep and would enhance gameplay then. stop having them run around into buildings 2nd level when they have melee weapons.
Rats: allow warplock rifles
Rats: allow for starting marksman/warriors like humans or something similar and unique. lots to choose from in warhammer world.
Rats: allow for plague priests, gutter runner or something instead of just a useless rat ogre late game.
Rats: fix Rat Ogre uselessness late game.
Rats: Increase leadership range of assassin, or allow fear check for rats close to leader to use his, or add bonus leadership for rats if 2 or more rats within close range to act like mob mentality and help alleviate fear issue with rats.
Rats: need some way to deal with high armor and fear combo late game. i can kill one with all 8 of my guys but the other 7 humans just roll over me then as I do 0 to 2 damage they do 1-5 and crit for 8 to 10 usually. the double handed, high armor, parry, fear causing mobs I have been seeing caused me to stop playing skaven. oh then 2 elven bow/rifle marksman behind 5 armored troops is just annoying. I tried running around and splitting them up which sometimes works ok but still run into problem of 1 guy killing 3 of mine no matter of the numerical odds as I cannot do any damage with melee weapons. Maybe the skills the rats have of -15 to defense using skill Perfect Killer isn't working as my Rat Assassin with 5 attacks 52 str and -15 to defense never seems to do but 1 to 0 damage to anything even "slightly" armored. He is great at archers though. :)

Adam Smith

Lead Software Developer
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Unlimited Attacks: Could you tell me which warband you've experienced this with? And possibly the character name?


warband name is Warped Minds, and the character is my assassin (leader). Also is it possible for an empire sword and shield guys to have 6 attacks? When attacking my Assassin they strike up to 6 times usually but I don't see how they get so many attack. Not sure but the game I just played 8/25/2017 around 9:40pm my assassin attacked, then proceeded to die to a sword and shield empire guy who swung at him 6 times. I can see 3 attacks 6? Is it frenzy and does it double attacks?i Didn't say he was frenzied but who knows just guessing. Maybe showing frenzied somehow so we know and don't have to wonder as we get beat down.

FYI i counted one time i got 19 attacks until all 3 guys around me died. Also one time an empire guy did like 11 attacks and wiped out 4 of my rats that had him surrounded.


Unlimited Attacks: Could you tell me which warband you've experienced this with? And possibly the character name?
I had this with one of the human warband. . It was aI warband middenheimers I think.

I have another issue. I no longer get 1xp for surviving battle. Making it almost impossible for new low ranked warband members to progress