A Friend in Need! (Year 0 Update)


Hey everyone!

Just letting you know that Year 0 is getting an update today and you'll hopefully notice two large changes.

First of all some of you will see that the 3D version is much more stable and previous leaks have bee fixed. Thanks to everyone that informed us about any bugs and problems, you have all been tremendously helpful!!

Secondly some of the social aspects of Year 0 have been updated. Now upon login, Jones will inform you that you have no allies and encourage you to contact your friends and help them in battle. It's totally worth recruiting people because helping your mates means you can now earn all important Energy, which will inevitably help you on the battlefield. Help yourself by helping a friend!

Thanks for all your support so far and we hope you enjoy the update!



Hey guys, we were just wondering how this particular feature is working out for you?

As I briefly mentioned in my previous post, upon login you'll see a series of landing screens depending on what's going on in your game at the time, one of which asks you to help out friends that need a bit of assistance with their battle. Is this message effective at all? When you see it, do you go and help that person or not? Any feedback you can give us here will be greatly appreciated as we need to know if these messages are working.