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    I have a tad bit of OCD as such am a tad bit more vain than the average person.

    As such I hate that we cant arrange our warbands or majorly customise them.
    By this I mean design and order.

    Especially my own undead warband, it annoyed me the order of characters go
    When IMO leader should go first,
    And in my head its more
    I would like to arrange them how i want mainly to just please my OCD (without killing half of them).

    To customise them better, I just mean family crests of sort.
    I know for most say on gromil armour having the dragon is very nice,
    But honestly I would prefer a yellow rihno, just cause thats what I like.
    This can be done by allowing a upload port to upload crests to your warband.

    Neither of these affect the game play, as such if they arent 'fixed' I wont care, but if they were that would be nice.
    And gameplay mechanics are still getting ironned out so I understand this stuff is not high on the priorities as it would take development and programming time away from more valauble elements of the game.

    Just want to hear everyones thoughts on this and how viable it is.
  2. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    I would also love to be able arrange the order of my guys at the camp screen. that is a great idea.

    I think unless the crests are client side only then it's not as viable as you think. because they would have either to start storing textures on the server and downloading them to each player for each game, or directly link your phone to your opponents phone. Either way this is a lot of extra data overhead on your mobile device, and one of those ways may require more server hardware than they currently have. (I'm basing this on the assumption that all the textures are currently stored locally on your device, and the data you get from the server when you load up another player's team is just which textures to load, and not the textures themselves, I suppose it's possible this isn't true, but I think it's the standard for online games to cut down on data transmission)

    Although the option to customize them client side only wouldn't be terrible, get them looking just the way you want locally as long as you know other players wouldn't see them that's not for me personally, but I bet a lot of people would like it.
  3. Moo Private

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    Agreed. If a crest existed, I would use it, but I’m not too worried about it existing. The ability to rearrange my camp order, though, is something I would LOVE.

    It drives me nuts that some of my lowly, scummy dregs come before my vampire in the camp page.

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