Allowing a voluntary retreat.

Hey there, still new and haven't had a chance to read a lot, so I'm hoping I'm not making a suggestion that's been discussed 100 times already. It seems that, more often than not, I'm thrown up against another war band that is just completely beyond my warbands skill level. Sometimes wiping most of my band out before My first guy can do anything. I get that realistically, things like that happen and it adds some reality to the game, What doesn't make sense is why we dont have the option to "bug out" when its obvious, we're no match for our opponant. Instead we have to wait until our party is completely wiped out or we fail a leadership check before we're given that option. I'm a former United States Marine who served in Panama and Desert storm and speaking from experience, a unit would never stick around in a combat situation once they new they had no chance. Maybe let us have the option to concede from the start. Doesn't that make more sense?