Always losing with Skavens...

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by azambeaux, Oct 19, 2017.

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    Hi yall,

    I just started this game yesterday and unlocked the Skavens.

    I have 5 warriors, and no matter what weapon / armor I have, these guys die most of the time, even 3vs1.

    They do little damage while the humans usually get to hit me twice and kill my little fellas.

    Then the just flee and I lose. It even happened that I had 4 guys left, only 1 ennemy left, and my dudes fled...

    How the hell do you play with these guys properly ?

    I think I'll just stop them for now and start with humans.
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    It sounds like your warband s a little 'fat' by which i mean you have plenty of fighters but none of them are very experienced. Try dropping a couple to lower your warbnad rating, gaining some levels then rexruiting more.
    In general Skaven have high Initiative which is good for going first and spotting enemies.
    Two good tactics with this:
    Double turn - skip with your fast skaven whilst in cover. They go at the end of the turn then straight away againat the beginning of the next turn.
    Hit and run - skip with your ratdude in cover. At the end of the turn jump out, punch someone in the goolies then head straight back to the shadows or round the corner and out of LoS.

    Skaven also have excellent movement and some disgusting charge ranges. Head up the flank and pounce on the ranged guys.

    I recommend improved unarmed combat and they Cathay training (name escapes me). That a quick (and dirty) three attack fighter.

    Hope this helps!
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    Also welcome to the City of the Damned!!!!!

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