Any updates planned in the near future?


Hello. I've been enjoying this game immensely, my teenage self had been crying out for something like this for years. I am however getting a bit worried that the devs may have given up on the game, it's been a fair while since anything new was added; I'm very happy with where my main gang is at at the moment which means that I'm currently sitting on hundreds of thousands of creds with nothing to spend it on.

I'm still playing the game for now, I think it's great, but I can see myself losing interest in the near future without some exciting, perhaps game changing new stuff.

So, devs, got anything fun planned for us anytime soon?
From what I saw on the Discord, they're a gang with neutral costs to everything. I have yet to unlock them myself.
Intriguing. Jack of all Trades, Master of None. Between my Van Saar's with flashlights & Eschers with whips, I kinda feel I've already experienced most skills & weapons, barring the muscle skills & Webber's (which I've not found a use for yet, with my current line ups).

The fact that they have no higher or lower costs means they are a pretty blank-slate kind of faction that you can build however you like, instead of coloring inside the lines with your faction's specialties like you are supposed to.