Are Dwarves allright?


I am a new member and I decided to sign up after having played quite a bit with a Dwarf warband (the most frustrating band so far!).
The question is: in my experience, dwarves seem to die more often than members of my other warbands. Almost every time one of my dwarves is knoked out, he ends up dead. Taking the dwarf trait to roll two knocked out results seems to worsen their death ratio! Is this part of anybody else's experience?

Also, a bug: when I shoot a blunderbuyss with a dwarf equipped with a "targe" round shield, the shield's colours shift from the ones I have set, to green and red.



Hmm, I haven't seen them dying more often, so it's possible that either you've run into a patch of really bad luck or I've had really good luck. Dwarfs are really frustrating and not in a place right now where they truly compete, but they can still be fun for what they have. I've been trying to run a somewhat competitive build that sits at about 400, but I've got a while to go maxing out wounds/inititive etc. before they' could go toe to toe with anyone that was running a more meta build.
I have been trying to get new warband memebers for a while now. Every time they get knoked out, they die. The last loss I suffered is my trollslayer.
It got killed. I spent fate to revive him. He got knoked out again and died in its first battle.

Anyhow the blunderbuss color shift is still there!