Are Freelancers worth the investment?

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Majulio, Aug 23, 2019.

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    Hi all! A noob here.

    I read on the wiki about how Freelancers weren't worth a spot, as Ogres are vastly superior.
    They are pretty much merc warriors with a head start and a crippled skill access, but... they start with 6 levels worth of skills. Is that 6 lvls advantage over a similarly specced Warrior useful in the later stages of the game? I'd assume that at least at early-mid game, having a unit that performs at a +6 and advances much faster trough the skill tree might come in handy if you were going to use a warrior for that slot anyway.

    But well, I'm a noob, as I said above, and I might be missing something here that makes them inherently flawed.
    So, I wanted some insights from more experienced players.

    Oh, I also ignore how do they interact with the warband rating. Does a Freelancer "weigh" the same as an equally skilled warrior or does it add more/less points to the rating?
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    Any warrior/creature you hire has aprox. same value of warband points.
    Freelancers are rather inferior to other hired swords, or warriors in general. They only have an advantage of starting armed and armored (easily countered tho). + the price of freelancer is price of normal pleb + cost of his armour. He is the worst hired sword, because:
    A)Only has 2 available skill trees (like Reiklander warrior, but can't shoot properly)
    B)Both Ogre and the Dwarf (having only 2 skill trees as well) have their roles set, and will both beat the freelancer in most circumstances. Ogre beats him with his enormous wound count and damage, Dwarf just cuts him into pieces with his superior weapon skill and special skills like Berserker
    C)His starting skills would give him a considerable advantage in lower tiers, but since by the time you will get a freelancer, you can as well have a well trained warrior, which is overall more versitale option.
    D)Pit fighter is almost the same, but has usefull speed skills, and his only slight disadvantage is lack of good armour. Still a better option.
    P.S. armour does little to save from gunshots, it only works good in melee.

    So to summ it up, yes, it is not worth it. Save up for anything but freelancer. This may (and should) change in the future, but at the moment, rather not.

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