Axes or Hammers?

Ok, I'm not sure I can ask a question bout ctual playstyle but I was wondering - what's better for cracking melee tanks? Axes or hammers? Two hnded versions of course. My warrior was pretty lucky with starting stats and advances (got 2 maximum strenght advances + strongman) and I'm tooling him up as a second line charger (still no armour). Axes got pretty impresive crit chance but hammers outright negate armour so... what to pick? Or just stick with the greatswords for more balanced (ofensive/defensive) approach?


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Try out a few weapons, see which tickles your fancy! I'm a big fan of 2H weapons they pack a VERY mighty punch.
What about sword and the shield? I take regular beating from this comb, my great wepons cannot penetrate the armour :( (said great weapon wielder has ever cc skill, gromril gretsword, full plate, resilent).
How strong are your guys? After all modifiers etc.
I have a captain who started very low on S and after all S advances is now S39. With greatsword he's 59 and he needs 4 rounds to kill full plate, shield helmet dude. Almost the same with my warrior who's a bit stronger but at last he can take the mighty blow. I have all melee skills on them. I'm under impression that most warbands I'm against get max on S advances every time they upgrade. How is It possible that some middenheimer with ithilmar sword (does not improve strenght or reduces armour) hits much better than my greatsword? It's impossible that he can have that much s using the single handed sword. He crits every time and if not It's 3-4 damage all the same. Am I Just a victim of poor starting stats and medicore advancement rolls? Or is it some Middenheim shenanigans?
No, there is something wrong. This guy: (black one)
Has fear (ok nothing unusual)
1. EVERY TIME hits with criticals doing 8 10 12 dmg killing my 65 arm 14 wounds guy who has 35% parry chance in two blows.
2. Has cuirass,kettle helm no weapon that allows parry, yet Max I could do to him was 2 dmg. This is bull.... No way he can have more than 45 arm but my 60S gromril greatsword (-15 arm) warrior could do.... to him. This is dumb.
The more I play the more game is frustrating and not fun.