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  1. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    So there are a lot of good suggestions in the other thread, that are worth talking about more. But for the sake of consolidating our message to Legendary, here are all the changes that all the players here on the forums agree on.

    1. It should be impossible to automatically pass any roll in the game. Failure chance should be at least 1% on every roll, but possibly as high as 10%, including armor and leadership tests.

    2. Hammers are over used, and many other weapons are under used, not because anything is wrong with the weapons, but because armor is too good, possibly due to automatic 0 damage at 100 armor. A good solution would be to add the tabletop rule that strength over a certain value reduces enemy armor (probably strength over 40 at 1 to 1, so strength 50 would be -10). Alternate changes could include reduced desirability of heavy armor, such as an initiative penalty associated with weight.

    3. Ghouls need a boost badly. Some more melee skills, and a way to penetrate armor (possibly with Str, per 2).

    4. Crossbows need a way to penetrate armor (especially handbows which look cool on witch hunters, but pale in comparison to pistols, this would not be solved by suggestion 2 as they are all at or below strength 40).

    5. Freelancers need a boost, preferably to make them better at what they already do, either through a baseline stat increase, exclusive gear, a special set of knight based academic skills, or pets such as the wardog or a Squire. Shooting skills would make them worthwhile to hire, but it feels wrong.

    6. Rating system needs review as it is currently possible to make "bad" choices and get a warband that always loses. No consensus yet on exact changes, but good discussion on the topic here:

    Also these are not exactly balance issues, but we also all seem to agree that some things should be added/adjusted for Aesthetic Value so we see them in the high end games such as:

    A. An improved Flail
    B. An improved Stove Hat
    C. An improved Faction Shield
    D. An added faction shield for Witch Hunters.

    Subjects still being debated:

    Do fanatics need a boost?
    Do dregs need a boost?
    Should hired swords be limited to one of each type?
    Should standardized stat increases be applied to all characters?
  2. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    This post is only here to bump this thread. It never served any other purpose. Honestly.
  3. Jesse Shaffer Major

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    I agree with all of the points above. Regarding number six, I was home with a cold about four months ago and decided to deliberately level up a warband the ‘wrong way’ just as an experiment. I only lost once or twice but the injuries were MURDER! I went through roughly a month’s worth of fate in a single afternoon.

    One possible way to solve the rating problem is to attack it obliquely. Quite a lot of RTS games have difficulty settings that can be toggled at any time. A lesser difficulty mode could be just the thing for players who have leveled themselves into a jam. Conversely, I can’t be the only seasoned player who would really enjoy playing against a smarter AI. Just a thought.
  4. FlaminGallahs2089 Major

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    To build off of your idea of improved AI or downgraded AI,
    I dunno how hard it would be to program, but having different AIs for higher level warbands from each faction.
    So Marienburgers will legit just keep their distance the whole game till they have shot you down,
    Middenheimers just charge in for glory, hitting hard and straight.
    Rieklanders somewhere inbetween.
    Skaven ambush and will stick together in a pack mentality.
    Dont know how you would work the Undead or Witch Hunters.
    Would be a nice feel to have each warband play different styles, not just be different because of personel and tools.

    Agree with all other points.

    Possibly give freelancers a couple more armour upgrades? (Like a ghoul or vamp), will give them much more stayability in prolonged melee giving them a niche.

    I havent used fanactics so cant say,

    But Dregs are fine as they are, my Undead warband kicks ass, and my dreg is currently 3rd strongest member (a far third behind a ogre and vamp), its how the undead supposed to play, killing machines and below average pin cushions.

    Although I wouldnt be annoyed if we were limited to one hired sword happened, I think 2 hired swords of each type works much better (yes every warband will have 2 ogres, but what will the other two spots be filled with?), but a solution could also be having a captain skill that allows you to unlock bigger warbands, possibly 10 or 12 then if someone has 4 ogres, its only really 2/5 or 1/3 of their warband.

    Standardised stat would annoy me as limits variation.
    But making a standard variation would be great, having a chracter always have a accumilated number distrubuted amongst stats, say 70 in WS, BS and Str for a dreg.
    You get one with 25 WS, 35 Str, you will only have 10 BS.
    Thus allowing variation, but not a crazy lvel of disproportion between max and min type of characters.
  5. Shangular Major

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    Improved AI would be great.

    Concerning the standardized stats, the request was not for everyone to have the same stat but for everyone to have the same maximum attainable stat for each warband type. For example current Merc players get only get a max 65 initiate for their captain but older players could potentially get 74. Everyone can still have variations as long as the maximum achieved is the same.
  6. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    So the AI was just improved a little while ago, so that more spells were being used, necromances try to stay behind zombies, knife throws use their knives, etc. There are really only a few tweaks I would make to it, for example I saw a vampire who had a gromril sword and three attacks and an elf bow that can he can't get skills for consistently try to shoot me, even from short range, which probably wasn't a good choice.

    That said, I think i'd like the choice at the town crier to choose an easy, medium, or difficult match, with easy being a match worth no survival exp, medium being an even match, and difficult making my warband be underdog +1/+2.
  7. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    I seem to have lost the ability to edit my original post? Great Sadness, but obviously the Stove Hats have already been improved so that could be struck out.

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