Beginner builds

I apologize if this has been discussed before or if this is the wrong place for it. I'm pretty new to the game and I've been looking for guides or other resources since I've started. I've checked out the wiki which had a lot of good info and I've searched the forums but my keywords don't seem to bring up much.

My main question is; what is a good build for Reikland starting out? On the wiki they suggest either going full melee or full range but in the warband composition section they mention going a mix. From everything I've gathered if I understand it right it seems like a recon captain, a couple marksmen with rifles and the rest ogres is what I want to work towards.

I know part of the fun would be theory crafting different builds but in a game where it seems like you invest so much into your guys I don't want to waste any resources while I'm learning everything. Maybe when/if we get orcs I'll spend a lot of time playing with their builds

Thanks ahead if anyone is willing to shoot some knowledge my way!


This depends a lot on what do you want to play. Sniper elite band? Berserker spam? Armoured turtle with dwarves? Mage council? Bunch of muggers? Ogre spam? You should decide early, get to know the best tactics and build your warband around it. And mind you, Reiklanders are very versitale, but lack of speed skills makes them weaker at specialized roles.

Captain: Mage-pistollier/mage-swordsman is probably the best way to go in most cases. It gives you almost unlimited options and you can stick with this build to lategame easily

Rest of the team: you only need 3 henchmen, hired swords are generally better (do NOT hire the Freelancer)

With this stated, let's move onto some of the builds......

Snipers: decide to stay in low/push to high rank.
Low rank is 3 plebs and 4 halflings
High rank is 6 plebs and a halfling
+good at range
-you lose to Marienburg

Berserkers: decide 1-handers+shields or 2-handers
1-handers w/ shields are more defensive, lower rank
2-handers are more offensive, higher rank
Always hire 3 plebs and 4 Pit fighters (or Ogres for 2-handers)
+versitale enough to get the job done
-you lose to Middenheimers

Pistolliers: Best early game build, decent mid game build
+highly versitale
-requires a lot of points to be put into WS
-you lose to Skaven

Mages: get 3 plebs w/ anything and 4 warlocks
+probably the most versitale
+probably best against ranged builds
-you lose to the Inquisition and Sisters of Sigmar

Turtle: get 3 plebs and 4 dwarves
+ogre/vampire slaughtering machine
+ultimate melee
-you are REALLY SLOW
-WORST against ranged builds

Out of ideas. Experiment. Enjoy.


A bunch of marksmen with bows is pretty effective. You will outshoot warbands that have just a couple of shooters, will have pretty good range, and can pretty quickly build up to each shooter having two shots. Upgrade to hochland long rifles as you can. 7 Reikland marksmen and a captain can put a lot of ordnance down range. Halflings and skaven can get off up to 4 shots a turn with slings, but they are only 16" range. Halflings get smacked down by just about anybody in melee.

I have not found Marienburgers to be too challenging, but Reiklander shooters are a pain in the <bleep>.
MWS data:
Thank you both so much! I couldn't have asked for better answers!

Rest of the team: you only need 3 henchmen, hired swords are generally better (do NOT hire the Freelancer)
I just have one question if you wouldn't mind one more answer. Why is it required 3 plebs for each build? Can you only hire a certain amount of hired swords? Sorry if that seems like a dumb question


Indeed, each band of maximum count = 8 ppl has limited number of "classes".
Max 1 captain (possible to not have one)
Max 6 plebs (excluding captain)
Max 4 hired swords (minimum is 1 on the last spot)

All hired swords will do the job better, than their henchmen counterparts, exeption being the Freelancer (and sometimes Halfling).


You will need 4 regular members (including leader and henchmen) before you can hire Hired Swords. I like the Freelancer, it's equivalent to a Merc Captain with higher starting W, and comes with Full Plate (+35 Def) and possibly a shield, the freelance also starts at lvl 1, so can usually upgrade to 2 A after one battle. Halflings are brave and excellent shots. Fully upgraded, a halfling can Run and still get off 3 shots with a sling.