Beginning of Tournament need testing players atm

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Fistandantilus, Aug 21, 2019.

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    ;)Welcome to the How to create a working Tournament system for Mordheim. If your not already, please consider joining the games Discord server, if possible. this will be mostly for testing but with enough can become a kinda real one...with below's rules

    currently we want YOU :rolleyes: :Reikland:

    all build a Reik :Reikland: , WB.

    Must have 3 Members +

    you have 10 lvl (advances) to add to your members, total of 10 lvls for all wb.

    no member can add more then 5, ie lv lcap 5. and every added member must get at-lest 1 advance

    there is a gold/coin cap of 50ish items not 60+
    (FYI we have worked out enough- you will find Jake o Plate, under, and great swords and the Marauder axe, so u can if u want pay the extra for them since they do count as under 60)

    currently no restrictions on bags items other then the 50 coins

    you would then upload screen shots of your wb and members with their gear...

    which ultimately in real Tournament, would all be unchangeable, until end of event.(replace used items)

    I am Chaplain Varlor on Discord:Reikland:
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    Do you still search for players?
    If this tournament gets real, I would also suggest banning hired swords (player with 4 ogres is simply too much, there is no other counter than 4 ogres as well).
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    Yes to players we have a good starting point, for a first run more players, be handy. And yes no hiredswords.

    At the Moment, Rules are as follow for the first one...things will change after.

    1: All WBs must be Reiklanders
    2: 20 lvls /advances to spend on WB total, save any extra...Cap of +5 per Henchmen/Captain, every Henchmen/Captain needs to take 1 Lvl.
    3: Minimum of 4 Memebers in your WB.
    4: There is a gold/coin cap of 50s max per item, works out u can get, Jake o plates,Maurader Axe, Champion Helm, u can pay more if u wish there will eventually be found within 50s- also at this WB Strength NO blunderbuss, and no consumables of any type.
    5: No Hired Swords

    Your Captains starting Lvls dont count, so lvl 6 is 1 of your 20 .eg, same with the first lvl of the other henchmen.

    We plan to do other singular WB Tournaments, then maybe have Winners of them eventually face off...we will see...So it will move beyond Reik, later. Also if possible join the Discord Server as well
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    Ohh yes your final WB when ready will be submited...and will be used the same throughout the tournament, no gear changes etc, so screen shots etc...

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