Bug and suggestion

Warband: witch hunters
Unit :duelist
Problem : duelist being picky about helmets he can use
Visored helmet? Fine
Pit fighter helmet ? Fine
Great helm (variation one 1)? Fine
Great helm (second one , wchich i want to give him? Nope
(Ye i know a minor bug , but annoing enoght for me)

Suggestion (since we talk about helmets)
Could we customize visored helmets into great helm versions ? They look awesome but almost no one use them since visored dont have initiative pennalty


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Aye I would love helmet customization. The pit fighter helm has a marvelous model but the Ini penalty keeps me from ever touching it. Perhaps follow the trace of armour, like when oyu can have gromril look like ithilmar, and apply it to helmets, so we can have a great helmet with the amazing looks of the pit fighter helmet? That would be sick.