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    A Necromancer targeted my Vampire with a spell. FX were blue bubbles (?) and 10 Wounds. Other than Life Stealer, I don’t think there is any other Necromantic spell that does direct damage. Yet, Life Stealer is supposed to be 3-5 Wounds (no save). How did I suffered 10 Wounds? Is this spell subject to Critical Hit? Also, isn’t it supposed to not work on Undead?
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    Odd, Doom would be the only attack spell that a Necromancer would be able to cast on a Vampire, in which case the Vampire would be dead or alive as a result, no in betweens. And you're right, Life Stealer shouldn't work on a Vampire because its undead
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    The spell is called "Doom" it has a very low base cast chance, 10% and the target gets a strength test to stop the effect. But if you succeed at the cast the target fails the strength test, then it causes an automatic out of action result, which is displayed a damage equal to your total amount of wounds, plus the 30% extra stun damage. Sometimes resulting in very large damage numbers like 24 or more on ogres.
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