[Bug - Minor] Units still out.

Discussion in 'Bugs and Suggestions' started by Jonathan Rogers, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Jonathan Rogers Private

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    As I have progressed throughout Year Zero it has always said that I have one unit out on a specific map. When I go on to the map to try and look for the unit, he apparently isnt there. The only thing that is on the map is my harvester.
    It is possible that the unit may be in the harvester but I do not get any option to make them exit the vehicle so that I can make them retreat. This is the only occurrence of it so far and I am unsure whether it has happened to other people or not. The map is Mountain Approached. Capture.JPG
  2. Gareth Corporal

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    This happens when you retreat a transport unit (Truck, APC, Helicopter) with Infantry/Scavengers in it and the stock page of the transport unit is full already. The game scraps the unit, but forgets to take the Infantry/Scavengers out, effectively creating a ghost unit. I noticed this when I accidentally did it and have reported it to Chris.
  3. Gavin Rummery

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    Good spot! That definitely needs fixing then.

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