BUG: Ogre lost 4 levels of upgrades when new update installed

Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Alex, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. Alex Private

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    Always great to feel that each and every update is so riddled with bugs that it's often more challenging to overcome these obstacles than the gameplay itself.

    How can something be released that is so flawed is so many ways.

    These days I bump into wandering wizards that have been derobed much in the same way my once impressive ogre is now a liability.

    No answer on this forum from the developers which is slightly disappointing

    This all leads to the conclusion as whether to ever update this game for minor cosmetic enhancements when your warband may suffer significant impairment in the gameplay
  2. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    I've lost some progress when uninstalling/reinstalling/updating as well. I found that it was because my phone was trying to load cached data from it's own local storage, rather than download the saved warband information on the server.

    Next time you have to update the game, to avoid losing progress, you can "archive" all your local warbands after the update, and then "download" from the Legendary server, that should prevent you from losing any levels, their servers stay up to date much better than the local devices, I've found.

    It would be nice, though, if they forced a freshly installed/updated copy of the game to download the three mostly recently played warbands from the server though, instead of letting the game pull from cached memory. If that could be implemented it might solve the problem.
  3. Oscar Junior Programmer

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    It sounds like Trapsinger is right about what is causing this problem - however I will mention it to the rest of the team and see whether anything can be done to stop it happening again.

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