Bug? / Suggestion: Enemy Defense mod on Ranged weapons

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    Hey, so I was looking through my old tabletop book today, and day dreaming about having sisters of sigmar and an elf ranger in Warband Skirmish, and I discovered that you have the enemy defense modifiers on your ranged weapons wrong not to scale with tabletop.

    in tabletop they were:
    Crossbow: -1
    Elf Bow: -1
    Blackpowder: -2
    Warplock: -3

    in warband skirmish they are:
    Crossbow: 0
    Elf Bow: -15
    Blackpowder: -15
    Warplock: -50

    If we assume that a -1 in tabletop is a -15 in warband skirmish, and you just rounded the warplock pistol off, then shouldn't the blackpowder weapons be -30 and crossbows be -15?

    Alternatively, the actual rule in tabletop was any strength 4 or more penalized armor, and three of those weapons have an additional -1 on top of their strength, so it was actually:
    Crossbow Str 4 (-1) no save modifier = -1
    Elf Bow Str 3 (-0) plus save modifier -1 = -1
    Blackpowder Str 4 (-1) plus save modifier -1 = -2
    Warplock Str 5 (-2) plus save modifier -1 = -3

    And warband skirmish doesn't have the strength modifier to armor (although it should) which might be why the crossbow and the blackpowder weapons have 15 less defense modifier than they should, but if that were the case then the Warplock pistols should only be -30. One way or the other, the enemy defense modifiers on the ranged weapons are wrong not to scale with tabletop.

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