BUG/SUPPORT: Lure of Chaos


After testing with @FlamminGallahs we have discovered the following:
The spell description and the actual spell are totally different. Description says:

- "must be cast on closest enemy (range 12)"
---> False, It can be cast on ANY character within the range of 12 (or 6/6 is you will)
- "if the magister beats the Ld score of the target..."
---> False, magisters Ld matters not a slightest bit, mine was able to Lure a warrior priest with higher Ld score than his, and we had a ghoul resist the Lure while having almost 3 times lower Ld than the caster.
On paper, description says that Lure of Chaos should be an auto-target spell on the primary pannel, much like Dark blood is, and once cast, the Magister must beat his opponents Ld rating for the spell to take effect, which simply isn't true in-game, the spell functions exactly like Dread of Aramar: you choose the target within range, and if target fails its personal Ld test, the spell takes effect. This must be fixed, as it spreads confusion and definatelly is not "what we paid for".

1) Change the description of the spell to match the in-game effect (the lazy-easy way)
2) Fix the spell, so that it matches description, stays on the panel like the Dark blood spell, and like it targets the closest enemy automatically, and so that the Magisters Ld now must overcome the enemies (the harder, more interesting and preferable way)

Thanks in advance.

We have all the evidence, see screenshots below.

Herd Savage

I agree with: Fix the spell, so that it matches description. But keep: It can be cast on ANY character within the range of 12.
(Crossover balance way)