Bug: Sword of Rezhebel

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    +1 Attack
    +20 Strength
    +20 Weapon Skill

    The description of this spell says nothing of affecting Initiative.

    My Captain has an initiative of 52, and my Rifleman has an initiative of 43... This would normally mean my Captain will always go first before the Rifleman... That is, until I cast Sword of Rezhebel

    After I cast the spell, my Rifleman goes first along with any other Ghouls or Vampires I am trying to destroy with my righteous sword of righteousness .. and this happens every time I cast the spell, which usually means the enemies then swarm the Rifleman and kill him before I get a chance to move when I should be moving first
  2. Trapsinger Brigadier

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    I'm going to bump this bug, because I just realized that while the spell does give me an extra attack, it is definitely not raising my weapon skill. Just checked my % chance to hit a skaven at 68% before I cast the spell, then check again right after. Still 68%.
  3. Shangular Major

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    Addressing the original email, I know it's been asked but never responded to: Does the sword spell replace the warrior's current weapon? So in the initiative example above, is your captain using an Ithilmar sword? If so that would explain why your initiative went down because the sword spell replaced the original weapon. Now whether that is intentional or not, I'll let a dev respond.

    From experience it looks like it does replace the weapon. For example when I attack a high level vampire with a skull hammer which limits the opponent's defense to 20, he does fairly consistent damage. But when casting this spell and attacking it does little to no damage against that same vampire. Thus you have consider which is better, +20 WS and strength or limiting the opponent's defense to 20 in this scenario.

    For the second post above, I would expect the pct. to hit to increase for the higher WS so that part does seem like a bug.
  4. Oscar Junior Programmer

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    Thanks for bringing this to our attention. The spell does replace the warrior's current weapon, so if your captain had an Ithilmar sword equipped then his Initiative would decrease after activating the spell.

    After investigating I found that the spell was not properly applying the WS bonus. A fix should be out soon.
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