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    Hello Team,

    I just want to provide constructive criticism during this difficult time after the update. I know you guys work hard so I am collecting and moving my reports from the other discussion at the News and Announcements forum to here, since here is where the bug reports should be.

    The skill points from before the update and after the update don't seem to match up any more. Some seem to have extra, while some seem to be missing

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    I think Reikland Captains start at level 5 and have the following:
    5 points in Combat (2x Weapon Skill, 1x Unarmed, 1x Weapon Master, 1x Advanced Weapon)
    4 points in Shooting (2x Ballistics, 1x Bow, 1x Black Powder)
    2 points in Academic (2x Leadership)
    2 points in Speed (2x Initiative)
    = 13 total starting points at level 5

    My Veteran Captain was level 47 before the update and is now level 34 after the update. I have the following skills
    + 14 Combat Skills
    + 8 Shooting Skills
    + 5 Academic Skills
    +10 Strength Skills
    +11 Speed Skills
    + 6 Magic Skills
    = 54 Total Skill Points

    Finding the difference:
    54 Total
    - 13 Starting points
    - 34 Current Level (after update)
    7 Extra Skill Points


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