Bugged Team, No Morale check

Discussion in 'Bugs / Suggestions / Support' started by Chaosticket, Sep 5, 2017.

  1. Chaosticket Major

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    Ive twice faced a a skaven team called Clan Cyanide and both times Ive noticed some odd things.

    One is that their armor is strangely high at about 65%, like theyre wearing Full-plate, Visored helmets, heavy shields and have the Resilient skill. I dont think skaven are supposed to have armor that high.

    The much more questionable detail is that the team morale meter at the top doesnt lower. The first time I fought Clan Cyanide I had to take down 3 tough enemies and then it started to go down very slightly. It was like they had +30 free wounds.

    The Second time it didnt lower at all.

    Im just guessing but from he whole team having the exact same equipment, maxed out wounds and skills and no morale loss that this is a developer team with mods.
  2. Adam Smith Lead Programmer

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    It isn't a dev team. I've had a quick glance at the warband data and nothing jumps out as suspicious, but I'll test against it just to make sure.
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    I've tried several times to fight them.

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