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  1. Sopapita Private

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    Hello! First, forgive me for my English.

    I wanted to comment on some bugs I found.
    1- My human wizard when using the Sword of Rezhebel fails spells with 100% efficiency. This is pretty annoying.
    2- Nose if this happens with the witch hunters but with the matriarch it costs me / I can not select, sometimes, the novices to throw a spell.
    3- The double sigmarite hammer does not make any noise when attacking.
    4- The following is a question ... why the halfling if it is an excellent archer can only use a bow that is worse than a sling?

    And finally I would like to comment that I found it more fun when the stats of the leaders were not predetermined, it was nice to create 15 or 20 times a band to find a decent champion, now my matriarch has worse stats than a novice 22 WS and 30 strength vs 25 WS and 34 strength. I hope they will change it!

    Thank you!!!
  2. Oscar Junior Programmer

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    Hi, thanks for the feedback. I've got a few questions about the bugs you have reported:

    1-Do you mean that after casting the Sword of Rezhebel your wizard seems to fail all his spells?
    2-Is there a specific spell you are trying to cast on your novices? The spells should work the same way as the Witchhunters spells

    3-I think I know what the issue is here - a fix should be out for the next build
    4-The halfling should be able to use the sling and the shortbow and I think the reason he doesn't have the other bows is because they are too big on him (though I can't remember exactly)

    The reason that we stopped randomising the stats of the captains was because players requested that we change it and also because lots of unused one person warbands were being created in the hope of finding a perfect captain
  3. Shangular Major

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    1) I thought that there was a change were the max success rate was 90%? Perhaps would that be why it is failing?

    I also prefer the random stats instead of the pre-determined for starting leaders. I realize you can search for a high stat warrior afterwards and then replace your leader, but then you lose the bonus starting skills that the captain starts with. So was there a reason why we can't permanently delete warbands? That would help clean up your server for those unused warbands. But perhaps another way to solve it is to allow players to increase the warrior's statistics (up to the normal maximum, of course) by spending 2 or 3 skill points per one point of increase? Thus even if you don't start out with good stats, you have the ability to improve them.

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