Buildings and Defences for Year 0 Survivors!


Hey everyone! As I mentioned on the news-feed on the website, we’re really excited to tell you about the new building feature we’ll be rolling out to live this week. You’ll have the opportunity to play with the new feature which will include several new awesome aspects and which will make you think more about the defensive strategies you put in place during play. You’ll get the chance to optimise and modify your territories by building both defences and enhancements on scavenged terrain, making your territories more difficult to breach and more valuable to defend.

With the defensive buildings you’ll be able to create some of the following:
  • Defensive walls
  • Defensive emplacements that infantry can enter
  • Tank Traps
  • Mines
And when enhancing territories you’ll be able to make improvements such as:
  • Building Energy Farms
  • Building Settlements
  • Building Farms
I’ll go into more detail about each of these features as an when needed, but for now it would be really helpful if you could look specifically at these things so we can get some feedback and make any necessary changes as soon as possible.

Have fun!

(preview image of emplacements)


This looks truly awesome and is just the thing I need to spend my excess resources on. The models look very cool and I think they will fit the game well. This will hopefully make PvP much more enticing!


I haven't tried this yet, looks pretty awesome!
I'll add the info to the wiki. Is there any chance you have some transparent or white background pictures of those defences for the wiki page?