Let me start by saying I like the general play mechanic of getting paired with similar rated warbands. It keeps it interesting by playing non-CPU generated teams.

That being said, I think a campaign mode (probably single player) would be a fantastic addition. Right now the game has no long term goal other than getting up on that leader board.

Just going to toss it out there: Maybe have a map of the city and have goals to achieve as you explore different areas? You would then randomly come across other player created warbands as the current mechanic works. Maybe the chance to encounter them increases if that warband is in that region or part of the city? You could also do different maps for each part of the city!

My favorite time playing the TT was when a bunch of people created warbands at the same time with the goal of getting to the middle of the city. The game was created with concentric rings, getting smaller and smaller. If you wanted to work your way inward, you had to bump someone who was on that spot, or play someone on your level to move inward to an empty spot.

I know nothing like this will make it in the first worldwide release, but just my 2 cents!


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Thanks for the suggestions.

We do have plans to add a map to the town cryer screen so that you can see exactly where you're in the city, and what areas you've explored. As you progress and your warband becomes more powerful you'll start to delve deeper into Mordheim. This will become much more apparent when the map is in place.

I can't say whether this feature will be in before worldwide release, but it'd definitely be awesome if we could get that in there!


I agree that a campaign would be a great addition to the game. Like a lot of mobile games now, you do the campaign or special missions to get gold crowns/extra wyrdstone/weapons, then play multiplayer matches with your new found and newly purchased goodies!