Captains, and hybrid characters, good idea or waste of time?

In the original Mordheim making a hybrid character was simple. Characters all started with several proficiencies in melee and ranged weapons and you didnt have random statistics. Even a basic human or skaven fighter would almost always have a 50% chance to hit nearly any enemy in melee , and about the worst you could do on shooting on shooting was 16%.

Here each weapon type has its own proficiencies and you cannot use a weapon at all without purchasing said proficiency with a skill. there are no minimum chances to hit so unless you pump points into Melee or Shooting stats and skills you will be woefully outmatched.

That brings me to the Human Captain. In original Mordheim he was your best fighter, but as you couldnt really replace him once he died he was too awesome to use on the frontline. Here the Captain is basically a prebuilt character starting at level 12 with randomized stats(often low rolls) and level points spread out into both melee and weapon proficiencies, as well as Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill, Initiative, and Leadership. You end up with a highly unfocused character that levels up slowly and often behind a blank starting character like a Warrior or Marksmen which can be easily formed into dedicated specialist.

Trying to actually build a hybrid character is at best a time confusing process. Goals to work towards at Weapon Skill 50, Ballistic Skill 45, strength 45, and initiative 40 to unlock necessary skills. Just getting one set takes quite a few skills to unlock more weapons and for a melee character more attacks or Quick Shot for shooting. Shooting requires Trick Shooter as soon as possible. No matter what character you are some skills are just plain important such as additional Hit Points, Dodge, and various miscellaneous skills such as Sprint to increase you movement or Perception to spot enemies.

So what a basic character from the Mordheim tabletop game can do, a Warband Skirmish character requires many skills and has to keep upgrading along one path so they dont fall behind.

So is it actually a good idea to try to make Hybrids? Is the Captain your best or worst character?
Depends on the starting stats. I tend to start the game as many times as necessary to get captain I want. IT translates to 5 woumds, ws 40, s above 34 and I about 40. It is possible. My reiklander captain right now is the best fighter in the warband yes, another warrior has WS60+ and S60 (with mighty blow of course) but Cap. is 16 wounds while the other is 13. At some point he started to kill most of the opposing warband by himself in every match and now has more advances than anyone. All strenght, all combat, half the I skills.

I don't believe in hybrid characters. Best weapons are two handed (and I'm counting also such combos as buckler and gromril sword, shield and gromril axe/skull hammer) and without them you cannot win combat later on. You need too much skill points im shooting to also be effective in melee. Sure, eventually you can get all skills from every branch but you need xp - to do that you need to killlllll a lot.

You can go shooting way if you want it 's faster.

Either think variable characteristics should go.
I'd rather spend half an hour fisihing out for a good stats lol. Better I, WS, S. My cap had basically all speed skills available from the start, he could take second attack immidiately and needed only 1-2 S rolls to get fearsome. Not bad, eh? But I agree that both here and in tabletop leaders with their starting XP are cumbersome hahaha.
I'd rather spend half an hour fisihing out for a good stats lol. Better I, WS, S. My cap had basically all speed skills available from the start, he could take second attack immidiately and needed only 1-2 S rolls to get fearsome.
Maybe, but how many skill points where wasted?


Imo I fire the cap asap and usually try and get a marksmen premoted to replace him but I prefer to build my own hero's
I think firing your Captain may be a good idea by this point. Just to start the captain is going to be about 6 levels behind whether you pick Melee or Ranged, and you would need about 6-8 skills in either to keep them useful.

I have a Warrior who had wasted skills because I made some early picks to upgrade weapon skill and of course Warriors start with Weapons Training and Advanced Weapons Training. Add to that he was lagging far behind in experience because I hadnt purchase him a rifle yet. So I bit the bullet and gave him a rifle to use.

I dont see Melee skills even being useful for me because I would need about 7-10 levels just to use a Warhammer without being suicidal.

It would be nice if you could retraining skills(but not levels) through a gold fee. There are some cool build ideas I think about but just arent usable, like dual pistols might seem fun if not particularly effective.


At one point I was running four warriors ( two tank two 2 handers ) three marksmen and a duel pistol kept him behind my warriors so he could shoot in to combat he worked quiet well for me
I dont follow a a mixed warband archetype. My characters dont even try to go into Melee. Speed, spotting, ranged combat, and durability. I go Guerilla combat by shooting and stealthing while running away from melee.

If Skaven could have rifles and strength skills I would be pretty set up there.

To note, glass cannon characters like Pistoliers are easy targets as they can be so easily shot up and being pistoliers they dont have the range or firepower to counter. Two-handed weapons like Ostland Great axes are scary but pew-pew pistols are not.