Casting in Ithilmar armour

Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Sean, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. Sean Private

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    Before I spend lots of gold on my captain who has spellcasting (and I thinking of getting him the half-spell failure in armour skill), can some one please tell me if Ithilmar armour (or any other) has a reduced spell-failure chance? Thematically, the elves of the Warhammer world could cast spells in armour, I believe, it would be great if there was some equipment available for warrior mages!
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    In WHFB, Loremasters of Hoeth came with heavy armour as standard, yeah.

    I don't know what the casting penalty for armour is (never having equipped any on my mages), but I'm pretty sure that Ithilmar doesn't have any special bonuses where that's concerned. The advantage of Ithilmar is it's light, and that's about it.
  3. Shangular Major

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    I know that wearing a helmet gives a -10% casting penalty and wearing a helmet plus gromil gives a -50% casting penalty. So I assume Ithilmar will be similar (-40% casting penalty if without helmet).

    For game balance, given the Flight spell, I think it would make captain/sorcerers too powerful if there was an armor and skill that gave 0% casting penalties. Then you'd have a frenzied, killing machine that can fly anywhere with 100% certainty and still function like a tank.

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