Challenge a Friend!

Prabdeep Bazaz

Social Media Manager
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This week’s release for Mordheim includes the new Private PvP System!

You will now be able to Challenge a Friend directly in PvP. Go to the Options screen to set a unique PvP Code which will enable you to play with another player who has entered the same code.

Also in this release - you will now be able to convert your spare Fate coins into extra Gold and refresh the Store and Tavern for 1 Fate.

Head over to the Appstore right now to download the latest update!
This has something to do with Single Use Items and small Creatures (Dogs, Rats). Each cost a Fate, but don't cost much Gold (less than 30). If you could convert Fate into more gold than 15, people would not spend Fate on these, but convert to Gold first and use that currency to buy them. I, too, was disappointed by the rate of conversion. But it makes perfect sense when you consider these Items and Creatures.