Chaos in Mordheim!

Amaan Shawkath

Junior Software Developer
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Happy Halloween! Our halloween release for Mordheim is the: Cult of the Possessed, the final warband of the original 8 is released today.​
There is never any shortage of men willing to risk their lives for a chance of real power: men whose ambitions lie beyond the scope of their birth right, or whose sorcerous skills or physical deformities place them in constant danger of persecution.​
This iconic Chaos worshiping warband is led by a Magister with access to unique Dark Magic and made up of Brethren, cultists who commit the greatest of heresies: they willingly give their bodies over to daemonic possession. We have embedded this background story into the advancement skill system with the Dark Pact skill tree. This exposes the cultists to the power of the warp and will eventually turn them into a nightmarish meld of flesh, metal and black magic, drive them insane or kill them.​
This was the perfectly nightmarish warband to release at Halloween and we have several unique enhancements and hired swords planned to add to it over the next few weeks.​
This update is now available on the browser version of Mordheim ( and is currently rolling out to the app stores​
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Will mutations for Possessed come out in next update? Also Possessed can't equip anything, in the table-top, they could use Lucky Charms and items like that. Was this intentional?

Jesse Shaffer

Mutants were my favorite part of playing tabletop as the Possessed. PLEASE say they’re coming.

Hopefully we’ll be able to buy mutations in the store like equipment.