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    Brand new update available for Mordheim! The standout feature in this update is the addition of two new Poisons; Dark Venom and Black Lotus!

    Dark Venom is extracted from Heldrakes and causes excruciating pain, incapacitating the bravest men.

    Black Lotus can be found in the deepest forests of the Southlands. This extremely poisonous plant is much sought after by alchemists, assassins, wizards of the western coast and bored wives...

    Take the blessing of the goddess of mercy with Tears of Shallaya, vials of water from the holy spring in
    Couronne. This water has curative properties and is proof against any poison.

    Head over to the Appstore right now to download the latest update! Comment down below on your thoughts on the update.
  2. Shangular Brigadier

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    Had a question on how poison works. For example, Black Lotus is supposed to give you a 20% crit chance and it says single use.

    1) So is the increased crit chance for just that one round or the entire battle?
    2) Do you also get that crit chance when attacking immune creatures? (I assume the programming just bumps up the crit chance, but is it specific enough to not apply it in the calculation when attacking immune creatures?
  3. Amaan Shawkath

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    1.) Yes, it lasts for the whole battle.
    2.) No, if they're immune then you won't get the + critical chance.

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