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  1. Bizteck Private

    One thing I find very fustraitrating is charging onto combat.

    On the tabletop as long as I have the movement I can choose which side to engage but in game the AI decides where you stand and inevitably it choses to a position that blocks the rest of your warband !

    Perfect example was my last game my warband was sneaking along a wall. While my leader sneaked around the wall using his longer movement. My plan was to hide get as close as I could to the ranged enemy and then multicharge them.

    Their leader moved fwd and I charged my leader at him I had loads of movement but it would only allow me to engage on the side and blocked the rest of my men from crossing the wall. They then wasted 2 /3 turnes going the long way round while my leader was in a slugfest. And of course had no support to protect him from range when he finally dispatched his combatant.

    I took a narrow victory where I believe I should of smashed them with no losses.

    Another thing would be an option to delay my turn I sometimes have a situation where I wiuld like delay using a guy .....perhaps to allow him to get the kill or allow another plr just get out of his danm way. I wouldnt mind a sys if I could take a dely once a turn but that character then would go very last for example ?

    Either way still loving it just cant get to play as often as I want...too much 'life' goung on atm
  2. Overwatch

    Thanks for the feedback Bizteck!

    If your units or your opponents units are in close proximity it's likely they can block off a section, especially if they're in a tight area. It seems like you got yourself into an unfortunate situation but gladly they were no casualties ;) (not on your end by the sounds of things anyway)

    Not sure I fully understand what you mean by the Delay System, but would be interested to know more about your idea. Do you mean you'd like to be able to skip your turn? If so you're able to do that! Please correct me if I haven't got the gist of what you was saying...

    Glad you're still enjoying your time testing though, but don't worry about not being able to jump in as much as you'd like to. Life gets a bit crazy sometimes so we can fully understand why you haven't been as active!

    Just so you know worldwide release is extremely close.
  3. Bizteck Private

    Another issue.....Ive noticed the first round deployment can leave a lot to be desired. Low initiative players are deployed blocking higher initiative ones. Yesterday I had one character completly miss its first turn as it was blocked by other character's. I had to move then and then on round two in other games their first round movement is severely restricted.
  4. Overwatch

    Can you point out situations like this with a screenshot if it happens again, please? That would help us a great deal being able to see exactly where the units have been deployed!
  5. etherkye Major

    I agree it would be nice to be able to click to the side of an enemy to say you wanted to move there and then attack, rather then just always attacking from the front. It's quite frustrating.

    He means putting that person to the back of that rounds queue. So if the turn order is ABCDEF, if B 'waits' then his next turn is after F, and when the round resets he goes back to after A. This would mean that if A waits he would get 2 goes in a row.
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  6. morjax

    An interesting idea on waiting to fiddle around with the initiative order a bit! I know in Mordheim: CotD, you can delay for a couple of turns to do the same.
  7. Bizteck Private

    Hope this works. A screenshot of an 'awkward' deployment. The marksman wasn't completely blocked in unlike other deployments I've had. Only happens once every 10-15 matches tbh so it's not game breaking. Ps I haven't got around to buying the full game yet I'm still debating to get the android or iOS version.

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  8. Overwatch

    Right okay, thanks for clearing that up Etherkye. Can't say we've thought about being able to delay turns... but that's another thing to add to the list for us to discuss. I can see why you'd want this implemented, especially as in some circumstances (as Bizteck has kindly demonstrated) deployment can be a big issue, especially if you're crowded by other members of your Warband and have to miss your turn.

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