Competition time V3!


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Hello everyone! I'm very happy to announce a new competition today! This is your chance to get your hand on some extra trophy points helping you earn your way up the forum ranking, additionally some in game respect as this competition is different from the others we've seen before!

In the past we've seen competitions on guessing the image which has proved to be very popular, now I want to try something different... Something to test your experience, gaming ability and Tactics knowledge. It is with great pleasure to announce...

Defeat the number one player challenge!

This is a test of pure skill and strength and if you think you're up for the challenge, load up that ranking table and raid 'Huw Evans' The number one player. I warn you, his base is very strong as he has units far more powerful than any of us have at the moment so send your best troops in, plan your best strategy's as this could be a difficult one.

To prove your might against Huw Evans if you prove victorious all you need to do is screenshot the victory screen and upload it as an attachment in reply to this forum post. The first person to raid the base will be crowned winner of a very chunky and rewarding trophy point prize, as well an exclusive document with all our planned updates and potential plans for Tactics, with images of concept work from our artist Sam attached, giving you some insight into the works of the studio! All will be sent over email. You have until Friday the 5th to prove your might!

If you think you're up for the challenge give it a go, anyone can try. Why not work together to weaken his defense then take it down? I'm warning you its going to be very tough!

I look forward to see who the victor is!




Went into his base to take a look and hes got tanks, rockets and jet troopers fully upgraded i assume. no one can take this down if we work alone


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looks like this competition didn't go to plan, will post about full details of what happens next soon.