Couple more skaven bugs


1. You still make your tail attack with any characters after a failed rout test.

2. My Skavens' tail ends keep switching, they've gone from plain to mace to hook.

Finally also a non skaven bug and just a general thing, If I'm in an encounter and I close the app or even if it runs in the background for a while it restarts when I log in again so I can replay the encounter..
Those are certainly odd bugs but it is the little ones that are the most annoying. I agree that there should be a way to keep the game in progress so that you don't lose everything if you have to close the app.
Well an unfortunate exploit for the game is that you can exit out of a game in which you are being slaughtered to keep from taking the losses and just play a different battle. I wish I wasn't so honest or I wish I had done it sooner because I just had two experienced warriors killed in a battle against heavily armored knights that none of my skaven could so much as even dent and the heavily armed human warriors had no problems knocking out my skaven with one hit.

I wish I had a warpfire pistol, 58 games played with my Skaven and skill no pistols seen anywhere...


You do check the shop yesss? Or do you have someone in camp with the pistol skill? because otherwise you'll never see a pistol in camp no rat has the skill by default, I want a warp stone rifle now as we have almost no range.
Yes... Yes... and Yes I check the store after every battle scrolling through every item and I will report back to here god willing a warpfire pistol ever shows up.​