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Discussion in 'Open Discussion' started by Moo, Feb 13, 2019.

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    Hey, so I looked on the website for a customer support contact, but it directed me to a long distance number that I’m not about to call.

    So here is my customer support issue:
    Skaven warband: The Shadows
    Time: approx 6pm pacific time
    Issue: A member of my warband died (name Bonecutter) and I went to camp to revive him, spent my 3 fate and back he comes, no problem. Next, I move to another guy (Stonelash) who got injured last fight and I forgot I wanted to watch an ad to get rid of his chest wound. I click to watch it and the game crashes. I reload and find that Bonecutter is dead again, but my 3 fate is still gone, leaving me with 2 fate, so I can’t even shrug it off and go, “meh, whatever,” since in order to revive him I’d have to buy 10 more fate, or gamble on donations, but I’m still kitting out my warbands and money is a real B to come by still.

    Btw, it could be a software/hardware thing on my side (iPad air 1), or if it a bug worth noting, but this game almost always crashes when I watch an ad during xp allocation. The crash causes a loss of all memory of the game so I get no xp or gold, so I’ve adapted to only watching ads after the match, in camp. This is the first time that watching an ad from camp has crashed the game for me.

    Is this even the right forum for this? It says /support, so I hope I’m not out of line here. Edit: ungh, I just noticed I posted in the wrong forum...sorry, this was supposed to go in the bug/support section...
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    Hey, would you be able to Private Message me your Game Center name please

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