Dark Pact Poll

How do you feel about the Dark Pact?

  • Dark pact is ace as it totally fits the feel of a Chaos warband

    Votes: 3 17.6%
  • I love Dark Pact but I hate the dark soul result

    Votes: 7 41.2%
  • Dark pact sucks and Possessed should be hiredswords only

    Votes: 4 23.5%
  • Dark pact is great but Possessed should be able to get mutations like Beastmen

    Votes: 3 17.6%

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Prabdeep Bazaz

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Thank you for the feedback over the past few weeks regarding the Dark Pact skill and Mutations. We've gone through your responses and have created a poll based on the overall experience on the Dark Pact. Feel free to vote on which statement you agree with the most. Thanks!


Just to clarify. I do like Dark Pact, I do HATE dark soul. But I also wish it was a much higher chance of mutation and a higher chance of possessed. Like if most brethren became possessed with 2 random mutations after 3-5 levels it would be great. Leaves in the sacrifice mechanic I find flavorful as well as the randomness of which mutations you get and how many levels to get possessed. However 3-5 levels and higher chances cut down the MASSIVE time and gold investment that makes dark pact currently very frustrating.


If dark souls were a class rather than pet, then sure. Itd be cool to only access them through that
But the pets in general are pretty meh. Give possessed mutations and we are on the right track. Maybe its just been my luck but my god have I gotten too many dang spikey boys! Never seen the hooves or black blood...


Hmm. Appreciate this poll, but I think my answer is a combination of the 1st, 2nd and 4th option. I picked second since I could only pick one. Bottom line, I like the Dark Pact function for Chaos, but we should reduce the probability of a dark soul result and keep all 8 attempts unlocked even if you get the Possessed result. That way Possessed can still attempt to get mutations.

Paolo Nesti

I don't like this poll.
Like in original table game a warband should have only two possessed. Dark soul are great in the original table game, they are playable and they could be full tree warrior in strenght, with the gift to be feared, frenzy and without fear. Obviously the couln't have parry abilities or abilities in sword schirm... Whit AC lesser than cultists... Like in original game... This will add fun... they could have proper armour and graphics.

Paolo Nesti

Not only... Death must be get out from results after ten level... For example my esperience is only negative, no possessed results, only dark soul, death or nothing results and only TWO lesser mutations in two gaming months.
I will do the italian translation for our community, cause I feel It like a duty, but I sincerly dislike how this band is functionig.
I also suggest to have the possibility of two different possesed in graphics and colour for a warband.
Cultist/Brethen are right in this way.

Lord Bl00d

Every character in every other warband gets an upgrade when they earn an advance.
The Unique Selling Point of the possessed warband is this “dark pact” option which promises cool mutations and a chance to be a powerful possessed, but in reality kills your guy most of the time, sometimes turns a useful character into a crappy pet who will die in a couple of games, does nothing, or might if you are very lucky give you a random mutation.

The ridiculous thing is that if your character survives and gets a mutation, they are rubbish! I haven’t found a single mutation that is as good as just taking a basic skill upgrade.
Having played against warbands that actually contained possessed (none of my brethren in any of my 3 “possessed” warbands ever actually survived more than 2 dark pact attempts) they weren’t very impressive and were dealt with easily.

I like the idea of the dark pact being a random advance, you can imagine the cultist doing the ritual and hoping for something good.

but the current results just aren’t worth the effort it took to earn the advance.
Taking an advance that does nothing is punishing enough, but the Death and darksoul results are just cruel.

If dark pact had an 80% chance of a random mutation with a 10% chance of doing nothing and a 10% chance of giving access to dark magic, it’d be great.

Maybe you need to find a “dark ritual tome” or gather several pouch items to use dark pact for the first time (it should be cheaper than a tome of magic), but once you’ve made the first attempt for the character subsequent attempts should just be a standard advance option.

If you want to keep the sacrifice maybe it could be an option to sacrifice cultists at the temple to gain favours of the chaos gods.

Possessed should be hired swords and they should have access to mutations as advances.
you should be limited to a maximum of 2 possessed in your warband.


I tried about five times the possessed warband. Each time it was the same. I hired about five cultists, every single one get nothing from their first dark pact, or they get killed or they become dark souls.
The idea behind the possessed warband is a melee warband with strong magic and mutations.
But the actually dark pact doesnt fit this, because it is exactly like Lord Blood says. If you want a warband that can compete with others, you can´t choose dark pact, and so your warband will simply be another human melee warband.
That is sad, because the idea has a lot of potential. But dark pact should be more a reward than a death gamble ...


If I had a magic wand....

1. Dark Soul would be a class, not a pet. (-X Weapon Skill +X strength and maybe a different skill tree? Incurable Stupidity and Frenzy maybe?)
2. Mutant would be a 0-2 class (start same as a cultist, but they’re the only ones able to take dark pact)
3. Dark pact would have fewer ranks (0/6 maybe)
4. Mutations should be random and limited to two/three but much easier to achieve (smaller chance of do nothing or dark soul)
5. The max rank would be 100% chance of possessed (maybe stick with 8 ranks if this is the case)
6. Possessed would not be hired swords (just the 0-2 class guys)

Distant 7. Four models/visuals for possessed, one for each Chaos god (random when possessed)

Food for thought?

8. Ritual dagger - consume to Sacrifice a cultist/prisoner for a % chance to give another cultist a (Max 1) dark pact skill advance (mutation, dark soul.... no possessed). (5% chance per advancement on the cultist sacrificed)
9. A Chaos Tomb the cultists can learn Chaos spells from
10. A skill that lets Magisters Learn normal spells from spell tombs? (Too much?)


After the Update, i See only little Change. Okay, there is No Chance any more to become a DARK Soul, nur after trying hard wirh a News warband the result of thirty DARK pacts is: nothing 23 Times, dead 5 Times, possessed 2 Times, Mutation Zero Times.

Hey should i AS an possessed Player waste so many Ressources to geht mutations? That ist said.