Daydreaming about a Halfling Warband

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    Been a lot of buzz recently about the halflings and people trying to make a warband with them. I for one wouldn't mind if they just had their own band.

    I picture them getting the existing halfling scout hired sword as their basic troop type (though maybe with access to spears), and being led by someone called the "Head Chef" who got access to combat skills, academic skills, and a special of set of food "spells"

    the other thing that would be great is a third pet option called the "Apprentice Chef" that had a chef's hat or an apron and a cleaver as their base gear, and who followed their master around and fought nearby targets like a war dog instead of collecting loot like the burglar.

    Also think they need two more pieces of custom gear for "flavor." One of them would be an off hand turkey leg, that raises their weapon skill as they fight harder to protect their food, and the other would be an inventory item that had one shot per game like the blunderbuss, except it would be the "Halfling Hot Pot" it would cause the halfling to plant a big sling shot in the ground and use it to launch a big cauldron of soup. I'm picturing 24 square range, and aoe around their target like warpfire as the area was covered in boiling stew. maybe strength 50 on the target who gets hit with the pot, and strength 30 around it? BS check to hit with it.

    Here are some sample "spells" for the Head Chef.

    Banana Peel - range 6, treat a target hit by a banana peel as "stunned" until the next round as he picks himself up off the ground.

    Hearty Meal - all friendly targets within range 6 get a snack, causing them to step one square closer to the chef, and heal for 1 point of damage, and get +10 leadership for the next turn.

    Spicy Hot Chili Pepper - the chef eats a pepper so hot that he breathes fire on all targets in a range 4 cone in front of him.

    Loud Belch - The chef burps so loudly that all enemies in range 6 must pass a fear check or flee for one turn.

    Strong Beer - the Chef can make himself or one model in range 1 drunk. - 5 WS - 5 BS +5 Strength + 5 Leadership, immune to fear for the rest of the game.

    Probably have access to the standard human mercenary set of hired swords.
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