Daydreaming about PvP and social features.

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    There has been some speculation about the size and activity of the community recently, and it's made me fantasize about some other features i think would be cool in the game.

    I think it would be great if there was a fourth menu option on the left side of the Town Crier with an icon that looked like a chat bubble maybe, and it could be called Social or Community settings or something like that. It could show how many players are currently in AI games, and how many are currently in PvP games so there would be no doubt about community size. It would also be great if it allowed you to change the range at which pvp matches were visible to you, perhaps based on on underdog tiers. Like you could set it to say you were willing to fight someone who was underdog 1 to you but no lower, but you were willing to play against someone you were underdog 3 to, for example. I know that I, for one, loved getting matched against the stop teams when pvp first went live, just to see them. Even if I was underdog 12. It was great exp.

    This section could also be used as a gateway to your social networking sites, in a place that was more obviously part of normal game play without being obtrusive.

    I think this would also be a great place for players to set up their own Leagues, where they could each have their own set of restrictions on play, such as a maximum level, or a limit on hired swords.

    It would also be great if this allowed people to host private pvp games instead of public ones so that you could be sure of playing against a specific opponent if you wanted to play with a friend or part of a tournament, perhaps by allowing a password to protect the game, or the league? Also could be neat as a LAN only set of games, so you could only join games if you were on the same network for gaming parties.

    perhaps this could also allow people to see if multiple people in different rating ranges were hosting pvp games at the same time, and choose which one you wanted to play against?

    It might also be cool if the number of games being played could be broken down by rating ranges, so that people who are excited about pvp could see if there was a rating they should aim for or not progress past to get the most activity.

    I'm sure many of these features aren't possible given the servers you are using. But like I said I was just daydreaming.
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    Oh! Also. I think that being able to chat with your opponent during pvp is a terrible idea, it's open to too much toxicity (see league of legends if you don't believe me).

    But I think being able to have some faction specific emotes in a drop down menu if you clicked on your own faction symbol at the top of the screen would be very cool. things like:

    "The Faithful of Sigmar greet you!"
    "Thank you."
    "Your mother was a halfling!"
    "Impressive tactics!"


    Also, gonna throw this in here again. I really wish you could click on your enemy's faction symbol to see their warband name and rating, like the tip button does when you first see your opponent in pvp. I just forget and want to be able to call it up again.
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    I really like all those ideas! Something must be down to get the community together, and encourage PVP.
    1. Maybe a "City Council" icon, above Town Cryer? That page would sport links to the Wiki, Forum, Discord, etc., as well as show traffic in AI games and PVP.
    2. An option in Town Cryer to set the rating range for matchmaking would be nice. But this could have the unwanted consequences of lower rating warbands not having much matchups (myself, I would set it to only have games only within 100-200% of my rating, but not lower ; hey, I'm already winning 90% of these anyway). Maybe make this a preference but not a restriction? So if a matchup is not found with my preferences, another matchup within more general guidelines will be set up instead?
    3. Leagues would be awesome! Maybe even launch a tournament with Fate points in the prize pool?
    4. Like #2, showing the hosting games and allowing us to choose from a list would be nice, but with unwanted consequences too. Some people may be stuck without games for a while. If I recall correctly, Bloodbowl was like that, but they changed this to a first come first serve queue in Bloodbowl II (matching teams of similar values, and coaches with similar winning streaks).
    5. Somehow showing the rating range of the active warbands would be very good. Like Trapsinger said, this would allow players to take development decisions according to what they see (and refrain from boosting rating if there's close to no warbands at higher levels ; people might even refrain from leveling up at all to keep their rating within a playable range).
    6. Clicking on opponent's faction symbol to show again name and rating is a needed feature. I always tend to forget that before game is over. I've been wanting to post that suggestion myself today! :) Following that trend, what about a log of our games? With stats like wins, losses, ratios, injuries and deaths (suffered and delivered), etc.?
    7. I understand chat can be terrible in the hands of the wrong users. But I much prefer having this option than not, if it can be toggled off and on. More than half the crowd is respectable players, and I've been wanting to at least say sorry whenever I killed an Ogre, and offer some tips and advices when I see a newbie trying his best at getting me, but failing miserably. I've benefited from such help myself when I was playing Bloodbowl II, and I appreciated it. I've also seen haters on chat, but it's easy to shut them up by just closing the chat.

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