Developpers : encourage PVP

I've played a lot the past few days, and I really think that PVP should be rewarded more. Just +1 shard is not enough to encourage PVP when there is another mission vs AI that promises +1 experience and less injuries. More so if your opponent's rating is lower than yours, and thus you won't even get the 1 experience for an opponent of similar rating.

Participation in PVP is extremely low. Sometimes, I can't even find a matchup in 5 minutes. It's discouraging, and playing vs AI so much more easier and rewarding.

To fix this issue, I suggest the +1 shard in PVP should be replaced with :
+1 experience for PVP participation
+2 shards

Such rewards will increase participation in PVP. It will be easier and quicker to find a matchup. And opponent's rating will be more likely to match ours that way. Thus, the underdog bonus will show up less often, which will somewhat offset the +1 xp for participation.

The extra shard will be a necessity to eventually convert gold into fate at the Temple. With more savage PVP games, units will need to be healed more often.

It all seems so logical, I just don't get it why something like that hasn't been done in the past already.

And, developpers, from a profit point of view, if there's more PVP and more activities on the server, you should be rewarded as well, since more players will spend more fate, and will do so more frequently.

Win-win for everyone. Please do something about it. Thanks.


I don't think +1 exp and +2 shards would make up for PvE being easier and more rewarding. I can win a PvE fight at least twice as fast as PvP and with no waiting. In my mind PvP should be a HUGE bonus and decrease the more you do it over a day. Something like:
First fight of the day: +5 exp, triple shards, reduced injury chance, models can not die
Second fight: +4 exp, double shards, reduced injury chance
Third fight: +3 exp, double shards
Fourth fight: +2 exp, +2 shards
Additional PvP fights: +1 exp, +1 shard.

Then introduce a one time fate purchase to reduce injury chance in PvP for all your warbands, something like 20-30 fate.


It's a bit slower to play PvP and I'm not speaking of waiting for player's, the AI don't need to think about movements, and many times it's a bit boring until you get close to the other player. When you get into melee, players use to focus on targets so you have much more chance of injuries/dead than playing the stupid AI.

Removing injuries/dead should make people lose the fear of paying PvP, and we will see many more players. But without risk there is not much merit, so what about if a member dies in PvP and we are able to heal it with i.e. 300-500 gold crowns or 1 fate? Injuries removed from PvP, and a lower price to revive will prevent people doing kamikaze strikes in their first daily match.

And more exp cause time is gold!
I dearly hope Developpers are paying attention to this thread. I am certain there is a concensus in the community that PVP should be more rewarded. It is discouraging in the current format.


I have also suggested to put some "unique" kind of equipment along or instead of those few shards inside the treasure chests, can be just re-used skins for something special like magic robes with + 20 spell cast, -1 to move for example. That would be more encouraging, too.


I love PVP and would like to see it more active. However the biggest obstacle is really the # of active players and # of active players beyond the 500 warband rating that creates the difficulty in finding a match . At the start of this COVID lockdown, I made 2 new warbands (possessed and dwarves) who botth were able to get tons of PVP matches up until around 500 rating. Now they're both higher, one's around 2,000 and the other 1,700 and it's a lot slower to get a match. But I think its just due to the fact there are less warbands in that rating range. My main warband which fluctuates between 7 - 8K has only gotten like 10-12 PVP matches since I started playing again.

I think having a PVP currency which access special gear could be a good motivator. What I'd recommend though is to scale the rewards so that higher rated PVP warbands get better rewards. That could encourage players to build up their ratings and those older players who have high rated warbands to continue to PVP. For those older players who have the 6K rated warbands, extra XP or shards really isn't a good motivator because their warriors are probably maxed out or close to it.
Nice suggestion, but I think it's not that easy to implement (new currency = lots of coding and design). I'm certain traffic in PVP would get a huge boost by just adding +1 exp and +1 shard to the +1 shard that is currently there. It will not satisfy all players, particularly those with god-like warbands. But it will satisfy the majority, and is super easy to implement. Also, most of the fun is in developping a warband. I'm pretty sure veterans will be happy to create new warbands to PVP on a regular basis.