Did Spears just get nerfed?

While looking through the inventory I look up a Gromril Axe and say a new line in the profile "Reach 1". So I looked around at melee weapons looking up this new line. Only item Ive found where it is more than 1 the basic Spear. But then I also see its actually "reach 1 (2)" so you need Weapons Mastery to have greater reach. Thats a problem as Spears already had reach 2 and it was a hidden bonus that you noticed when you played the game.

Spears dont need a nerf. Id like to see extra reach on some long weapons. the Empire Halberd and Comet Halberd could really use reach 2 to make some point in taking them instead of Greatweapons. Funny that games (especially Games-workshop ones) dont understand a that a Halberd is a Spear with am axe blade so it can function as a Spear or Poleaxe as needed.

Why isnt there a a line of Reach weapons like all the Greatxes, Greatswords, and Greathammers? They have about 4 each, but only 1 spear and 2 halberds(again not actually reach weapons).

Halberds could have reach 2, +5(10) strength and +5(10) critical.
Comet Halberd reach 2, +5(15) strength and +5(15) critical

How about a new weapon, Pikes that have reach 2(3 or 4) and possibly a smaller secondary effect like +5 critical.