Discord Rules!

Prabdeep Bazaz

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Lots of fresh new features this release, including a dedicated Discord server where you can trash talk, set up tournaments with friends, arrange private PvP games and get access to the premium version of the game. The desktop version of Mordheim also adds Discord’s Rich Presence to the game which will show you the warband you’re playing, the rating, map you’re battling in and your current activity status in Mordheim.

To Play Mordheim on Discord, join our server! - https://discord.gg/mordheimws

Get the latest mobile version, which you can download here - http://onelink.to/75hkpy
The update includes:
-Changes to advert provider
-Double tap to move
-Polish & Turkish translations added
-Sling Availability Increased
-Silver Arrow Bug Fixed

Paolo Nesti

My opinion.
Double tap is a great problem, when you have to try between two moves is sure you will do the wrong move. I suggest you to improve it with the possibility to disabilitate it. Good vacancy to everyone!

Paolo Nesti

I am forgetting another opinion... It seems the probabity to launch a spell for the cleric has crushed down, I will a statistick and in september I will report you. By.