Dismissing the Matriarch is mandatory

I just realised the big spread between a Matriarch's starting Initiative (30) and her Novices (between 35 and 45). To my knowledge, a Matriarch's Initiative is the only Leaders' statistic (all Factions, except Undead) that is not a very close average of the Faction's Henchmen.

There are some small incentives to roll a very good Henchmen, and dismiss the Captain to replace it. Usually, the promoted Henchmen gets +1 to +5 compared to the Captain.

But for Sisters of Sigmar, to dismiss the Matriarch and promote a Novice is a no-brainer (+5 to +15 Initiative). A Novice maxed Initiative can reach up to 75 (6 levels), while a Matriarch is capped at 60. That's pretty bad to cast a timely Hearts of Steel spell.

Is that on purpose, or an omission?

May I suggest Matriarch starts with 40 Initiative (average of 35 to 45), but no levels in Initiative Increase? The starting roster would be exactly the same that way, but end game Initiative order will still make sense.

Otherwise, dismissing the Matriarch becomes a mandatory practice.

And considering the time and effort (and Fate!) invested in some Warbands, can this change (from 30 to 40 starting Initiative for Matriarch only) be retroactively applied to all Warbands (active or archived)?

Thanks for your consideration.